Why Do They Keep Dying?? Exos Heroes Chapter 23 Story Summary Recap

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Exos Heroes Chapter 23 Story Summary Recap

Hi playmates, it's Aerastar here. The last two chapters of Exos Heroes, chapters 23 and 24, have been an adventure, progressing the story faster than before. Today I'm here to give you a recap of Chapter 23 and what went down in Marinos Island. Next time I will go over Chapter 24 about the war of Saint West - and it's an absolute tear-jerker. So if you want to catch up with the story of Zeon and his gang in their quest to find the cure to the Dragon curse, check back later!

This video contains spoilers, so keep that in mind! Hopefully, this will also let players who have quit the game reconnect with your heroes' stories.

So last time, we were left with Xiakhan taking Bitru in disarray caused by Shufraken attacking Phedas for one of the relics. I have a separate video if you'd like to catch up.

Zeon and his gang find out that Xiakhan is headed to Marinos Island and decide to follow after him. Arriving on the island, Zeon's airship is attacked, and they are forced to do another emergency landing. Lichtenstein, the grand master of the knights that protect the royal family of Marinos, comes to fight them, telling Zeon to hand over the airship. Confused and winning the battle, Leitchestein explains that the rebels led by Marquis Navar have won the rebellion. This left Princess Rera, who had left the island on the adventure, the last surviving royal member of Marinos. Leitchestein needs Zeon's airship to find her, bring her back, and save the island.

Zeon, in exchange for lending his airship and consequently Glenn as well as the airship pilot, learns from Lichtenstein that there is an old legend that Marinehawk of the original First Guardians had put a seal on the Dragon Emperor's tomb that is to be on Marinos Island. There is a mural at the Marinos Island castle that may give the location of the tomb.

While Litch is leading Zeon and the gang to the castle, they are tracked down by the Rebels, and we find out that it was my sweet Degas that was the traitor that led Litch out of the castle leading to the victory of the rebellion. However, when Degas finds out that Navar broke his promise and killed Litch's entire family, Degas goes out in a rage and starts slashing the rebels even though Navar had taken Degas' family under his care as well in a trade-off for his participation in the rebellion.

Degas finds Litch with Zeon and Iris, his will to fight gone and filled with regret. He tells Litch to kill him so he can atone for his sins, to which Litch replies (see the video for his response)!

OMG, isn't that so cruel and so cool at the same time??

Litch and the gang arrive at the castle to find everyone beaten up and discover that Xiakhan and his troops in masks have already come ahead of them. They fight the dragon watchers, who reveal that they serve Dragon emperor Accor and that the humans had infested his lair. Iris also figures out that someone above Xiakhan is called the head advisor pulling all the strings. After the dragon watchers run away, they find Navar, who explains that the dragons are real - which, of course, they are referring to Bitru - and that he overheard the conversation of the dragon watchers regarding the mural and knows where they are headed to. Navar also reveals that Shufraken had cut off reinforcements meaning that Shufraken also had his hands in this rebellion. And what we initially suspected became true - that the dragon watchers are trying to revive Dragon Emperor Accor.

Zeon and Iris leave to find the tomb while Litch stays to help Marinos get back into shape. Zeon has one of his first human moments with Iris, where he talks about how he sympathizes with Bitru being the only dragon alive and how if Zeon were a dragon, he would want to resurrect the dragons too. Zeon wishes that dragons and humans could coexist once they resolve the Shufraken problem. Iris then says that she doesn't have a future and will become a wanderer after this is all done since she no longer has a motive for revenge, to which Zeon offers her to join the new air squadron he plans to form after this is all over and gives his airship to Glenn as he promised.

As they are having their little banter, Yao tells Zeon that the head advisor had told her to bring Zeon to him. After defeating her, they find out that the dragon watchers were also underdogs in pain, supposed supported by all the kingdoms but in reality treated like dogs. So, the dragon watchers are doing this to bring justice to the continent.

Yao brings them to Xiakhan, who reveals that he has used Birtu's power... which he keeps calling Bitru a "she"?? I thought it was a "he"?? Anyway, he is trying to rebuild the Bakai empire. He states that the first step of the preparations is complete, and a large spark ignites.

Then we are sent to the image of a bloody sunset where Rachel is shown with his army approaching Saint West in what clearly seems to be WAR about to bloody happen. And you sure as hell know it's going to get UGLY because Carrie did just murder Rachel's mom and dad, so you know this isn't going to be pretty.

So, in summary, we know that some Head Advisor is working with Xiakhan to rebuild the Baikal empire, while Shufraken is doing his dirty deeds to take over the continent. There's disarray EVERYWHERE, and no one seems to be happy in the war-torn and traitor-filled land of Exos.

Are the dragon watchers really trying to end all this for good? Or will it just become worse? What's the truth behind the First Guardians, and why did they kill the Dragon Emperor?

I'm just a little confused because these last few chapters make the story seem linear instead of taking in the concept of the parallel universes, which have previously been very apparent, especially in core raids and in the general character bios of heroes like Scarlet. Were parallel universes created in the aftermath of killing Emperor Accor as the Dragon's Curse, or has this been the cruel fate for humankind in general brought forth by the darkness in each of the people's hearts? Because let's face it - almost every hero we've seen so far on Exos doesn't have a clean past, like any of them. Goodness almost seems to be the rarity in the land of Exos, and humanity is desperately trying to make the best of the hopelessness caused by the greed of the people and rulers.

AHHH, I'm excited to tell you guys what happened in chapter 24 next time too, so if you like gacha gaming content, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekend. Thanks all so much for watching. Stay safe and take care.

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