Exos Heroes Gold Fatecore Rienor Summon and Review - New Exos Updates!

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Exos Heroes Gold Fatecore Rienor Summon and Review - New Exos Updates!

Hi playmates, it's Aerastar here. Gold Phantom Shadow Rienor, the master of Wonderland is here, and she looks so perfectly smexy. You know she looks good cause I'm pulling for her right now, although I don't even have Wonderland built up because I am just itching to get her all dyed up and looking even finer than before, even though her whole color scheme of the red, black gold and white is so on point like SO on point!

I haven't been pulling on recent banners like I completely skipped Blue fatecore Seo-a although she looked pretty cute, so I do have enough to pity Rienor but I'm hoping I don't.

Gold Rienor Skills

Rienor has always been a pretty cool general with her double team ability, and with Sharpshooter skill now, when the enemy counters an ally's attack, increases damage on them by 15%, stacking up to 4 times. Once that enemy is attacked, and the debuff is removed, it also removes one mana.

This was kind of Line Games' answer to all the counterattacks they've been trying to counter (lol) since the season 5 update. I have to say it's going to be hard to get a full five-stack increase on an enemy, mainly since the debuff is applied to the enemy that counters. In most cases, the dps heroes have relatively lower hp/defense counters.

I think the skill will really shine in that mana burn aspect but I will really have to put her out in the field. Her Phantom lady for increase hit of all allies - eh, I don't know. Yes, it's good; hit is really good don't get me wrong, but I still think since they added the "you can't miss anymore" in the game mechanics, and since elemental disadvantage in hit is so strong, I don't know if it's really worth focusing on hit as much as before.

Exos Heroes Gameplay Updates

Anyway, enough about Rienor, we all know I'm here pulling for her because she looks sooooo good not really for her skills so to make use of our time here while we wait for her, let's talk about some of these updates on Exos. I think some of you watching probably don't play now but might be interested to hear what's been happening in the Exos world.

First, and foremost, holy crap on the new chapter update, right? I haven't played through chapter 26 yet, but going to do a recap because that teaser released on youtube was killer.

If you're interested in the story recap for previous chapters, see them here:

Line Games also added the Quick Battle system to the Holy Dragon Grounds. The criteria to unlock is different per each dragon per each grade. To unlock the highest grade 5, you have to reach stage 5 within 90 turns and reach phase 7 without losing seven or more heroes. I don't have all my gear up to par where I want to be, yet I still managed to unlock the quick battle, so I think it's a welcomed QOL improvement.

Line games also made some QOL improvements with the crafting portion, core raid, equipment enhancement, sales, and disassembling, so it's much easier to do it on one screen instead of going through multiple steps. I think that's definitely a plus because, honestly, not all gacha games have this function, especially rpg-based gacha games.

You do have to wait and grind out levels, but Exos wasn't an RPG to begin with, although the story is on more of a RPG level. Exos was supposed to be more of login do your dailies, do events, log out type of game as I mentioned in my previous review video and if Exos is the right type of game for your playing style. So by eliminating the tedious manual aspects, I think Exos is kind of getting back on track slowly to a more stabilized system.

Watch the YouTube video above to see how I did with my Rienor pulls!

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