Exos Heroes Season 5 Daily Routine - Lazy Version!

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Lazy Exos Heroes Daily Routine for Season 5

Wondering what the mobile gacha game Exos Heroes looks like end game daily? This video shows you how a typical lazy day looks for a gamer playing Exos Heroes since a month after the global launch.

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar here. Season 5 changed the Exos Heroes gameplay, taking the game's core mechanics and turning it upside down to resemble the combat system of another popular mobile gacha game, Epic Seven.

The importance of specific gaming mechanics, like fatecores, shifted with the combat system changes. Equipment farming is now a thing through the Holy Dragon Grounds. To help players, Line Games implemented QoL (quality of life) changes to the game to handle the more complex equipment system.

Daily Task List for Exos Heroes

Here is a list of daily activities I do on Exos Heroes. Please look at my Exos Heroes Daily Routine 2021 to see a comparison and how the game developed.

  • Log in to the game (don't crash!)
  • Scroll through the news and pop-ups
  • Go into the World > Quick Battle Dungeons for basic materials (crafting, leveling, etc.)
  • PvP > Zenbunsteir and Air Squadron Battle (when available)
  • Quick Battle > Holy Dragon Grounds x5 for equipment materials and Get the Red! Mission achievement
  • Do and Skip > Raid for Air Squadron, Embodiment of Avarice for ranking and materials
  • Do > Infinity Core for Get the Red! mission achievement
  • Do > Yupir's Labyrinth for Xes and completion rewards
  • Do > Daily Missions and pick up friend Airship that appears after daily missions are done
  • Do > 10 explorations on world map
  • Go to Airship > Free summons (hero and artifact)
  • Do > Send Alliance hearts
  • Do > Check in on Air Squadron
  • Enhance a piece of equipment
  • Pick up all daily rewards

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