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Happy Dyed Heroes for the New Year!

Exos Heroes is a wonderful gacha game to dye your heroes and customize your look for your heroes. These new dye colors on my heroes are to dye for - come take a look!

Dyeing Heroes on Exos Heroes

Most heroes on Exos Heroes can be dyed to different colors with Dye tickets. The hair, clothing, and weapon can all be colored with 3 different sections to create your customized variation. Currently, Mythic heroes cannot be dyed.

Exos Heroes also introduced new dye colors with the new season, allowing even further customization. Dye tickets are often given out for free in events

Exos Heroes Dye Tips

Dyeing heroes can become costly on Exos Heroes because every color is randomly chosen each time. Watch this video to see how you can dye your heroes smartly with limited dye tickets!

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