Exos Heroes Season 5 Gameplay System Upheaval! What's Going to Change?

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Gameplay Changes on Exos Heroes with Season 5

Exos Heroes did something that most gacha games have never done in the past. The entire gameplay system has changed with season 5! It was a risky move for a mobile game to change game mechanics to such a considerable degree.

To help you catch up, here's a quick update on the Season 5 updates part I and my brief thoughts on each update. Once Part II of the update releases, I'll share more information. You can watch the updates in the above video or continue reading down below.

Hero Ability Name Change

Hero ability updated to match more common names on other games. Block, block value, and luck is being replaced with Effect Hit, Effect Resistance, and Pincer Probability.

This is a bit of a shame since Block has been beneficial for some heroes that give that block chance increase. Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage Value are now a % which makes more sense, in my opinion.

Hit, which has been changed to Mark and Dodge, will now not display in hero information, meaning that the stats will still have an effect, but we won't see them. I don't know why, but I'm sure they will add a way to show this.

No More Guardian Stones on Equipment in Exos Heroes

Guardian stone system has changed again. Instead of 6 different elements, there are 4 based on hero position type. You now destroy the Guardian stone according to the hero's position type.

The maximum number of stones are from the 5 pieces of equipment, and there is no guardian stone set effect. When you destroy a hidden guardian stone, you reset turn and gain mana, and if you destroy a revealed one, you just gain 1 mana.

I am confused on this one and feel maybe this makes it more complicated than before.

Suppose you've seen my Back to the Basics Exos Heroes positions guide. In that case, you'll see the 4 base positions are Attack, Support, Defense, and Chaos. Does this mean that the stone themselves are now "Attack" and "Support," and a "Support" hero has to attack to break a "Support" stone? Or are there different stones types that we'll get that can be broken by a specific type of hero? For example, if the new stones are "A," "B," "C," Attack heroes can only break stones A and B, and Support heroes can only break B and C?

Changes to Skill Damage Calculations on Exos Heroes

The third one is the ability calculation change. Basically, Exos is adding the Signature Force effect into the calculation. This means generals are going to become more important. I think at this stage is OK, especially since now fatecores do not consume the hero when forging.

No More Miss or Dodge on Exos Heroes

Fourth is the attack hit method. This is just saying that there is now a tiny or mini critical hit chance to a normal attack instead of a fully dodged attack. So before you can dodge for no damage, Block for reduced damage, normal attack, and critical damage. Now, if you dodge, you are still getting hit for reduced damage. There is still normal attack damage, a new strong attack with slightly greater damage, and a critical hit.

My opinion is kind of like... why? Dodge is a pretty standard build in gacha games and makes assassins really cool to have. Now that there is no dodge for no damage, it may make support healing heroes more needed in some team builds. But more so than that, I am a little sad that the ability to dodge will be gone.

Elemental Advantage / Disadvantage Increases on Exos Heroes

Fifth is the element strengthening of elements or element effect increase, like in most games how fire is stronger than nature and so forth. So if you attack with a superior element, the critical chance and damage applied is higher. At the same time, if you're being hit with an inferior element, the evasion of hero increases which doesn't really make sense since dodge now still hits the hero and does not evade but YEAH! I think I am still a little bummed with the dodge being gone.

Sharing of Fatecore Passive Effects on Exos Heroes

Fatecores' passive skill effects will be shared by each fatecore theme, and active skills will try to remain the same as the original skill. I'm taking this to mean that the fatecore theme heroes will all have the same passives just to various degrees. Hopefully, this will make black fatecores a little more useful. Let's see. Hopefully, more details will be revealed in the next season's notes.

No More Physical or Magical Hero Categories on Exos Heroes

For heroes, physical and magic attack type is now gone. So basically, I think there is no difference between the equipment worn by the heroes.

If their point is to make the equipment system easier, they did achieve that with this update. Still, as someone that's been playing games for a while now, I'm kind of used to having different sets of armor for different types of heroes.

No More Hero Enhancement System on Exos Heroes

Hero enhancement system is now gone where you use spirits, those bird-looking things, and other heroes to increase the stats, and a +5 was required to bless the hero. The best part, though, is now that those bird spirits are gone, we'll be getting gold and mu for those spirits!!! OMG. This is like the best ever since I would think most players that have been in the game for some time will have a stockpile of these chickens. I wonder what the ratio would be for the tradeoff.

No More Hero Awakening on Exos Heroes

The awakening system is also gone. It didn't take Exos too long to get rid of this, did they? Lol. It does say heroes can wear ranked equipment, meaning that rank equipment will still exist. So we will still have to farm those bad boys, but overall that increased stat from awakening will now be gone. I guess that I already struggled with who to rank up first decision this is not a totally bad change.

No More Hero Element Enhancement on Exos Heroes

Hero element enhancement is gone since the elemental break system is gone. They will be issuing refunds for this as well, so... I guess for players that have been here for a while, we'll get some hefty refunds to redo our heroes, especially now that Hero nationalities and grades will be changed.

Hero Nationality Changes on Exos Heroes

Nationality changes for heroes mean a couple things. First signature force. So we will have to rethink who to put on our nation teams. Second, summon rates. Heroes upgraded from legendary to fated will now have a lesser % of drop, so they will become rarer to pull.

Overall this is a bit of a headache. Still, I looked through the nation change list, and a lot of it makes sense story-wise, like Benten and Tantalo changing to saint west, but others don't like why Degas and Yorm in Brunn? Oh well.

Changes to the Signature Force Buffs on Exos Heroes

Signature force buffs are changing to affect all heroes of that nation, not specific heroes. This is fantastic because that will force gamers to use a wider variety of heroes.

Equipment System Total Change on Exos Heroes

*More details were released on Part 2 of the Director's Notes. Check out the video and blog here

Before, we talked about how there is no physical or magical armor, but now equipment will have sub-stat changes. So this is new and brings RNG equipment hell to Exos. Now to mention, set equipment effects instead of guardian stone. So like, if you have 4 pieces of "speed" set, your attack speed will increase, and you can mix and match.

Basically, they are following in Epic Seven fashion in terms of armor. This will allow for cash grab equipment updates but allow player creativity in enhancing heroes. Now that they are focused on giving a "fair" playing field in terms of hero enhancements, I think that the equipment will be the new caveats to customize the individual hero in a way we want. Line games promise us refunds, equal upgrades, and tradeoffs for old equipment to new in the disassembling, but we'll see how that goes.

Exclusive Weapons Change to Exclusive Equipment on Season 5 Exos Heroes

Exclusive weapons are now exclusive equipment limited to the hero of that exclusive weapon, which makes total sense. You can only have 1 on a hero at a time, increasing the stats.

Old Crafting Materials Change to New Materials

All the existing forge and equipment crafting will be updated to match the new equipment system.

Recall System

Finally, the recall system allows us to reset for a refund of all materials invested into that hero or fatecore. Basically, they're trying not to piss off existing players.

Hopefully, this gave you a little insight into part of the changes on the horizon. It looks like we'll get this update sometime in December, seeing that they posted temporary restrictions to take place starting from November 22nd in preparation for season 5.

What are your thoughts?

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