Don't Die Dyeing - Exos Heroes Dye Tip

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Dye System on Exos Heroes

Some may argue cosmetics is not a necessary part of any game but it's an aspect that I've always enjoyed in any games and so wanted to share this opinion/tip to dye on a budget.

The opinion is to check the 3 dye-able areas first and where on the hero it dyes, and lock the staple/basic main area of the hero's outfit first and pay the extra ticket to dye the hero.

The concept comes from a fashion basic that you have to invest in a good staple (white shirt/black shirt) to build a decent outfit where you just change the accents. By paying the extra ticket upfront to lock down a basic of the hero's original outfit and changing only the accents, you're lowering the chances of randomly rolling a "bad" color combo and having to pay more tickets to fix it.

There's some examples in the video and the results of the 50 ticket results that I got. Hope this helps someone who doesn't want to spend a lot on this system but still wants to try to personalize their favorite hero.

Check Out Dyed Heroes on Exos Heroes

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