Neomi, Dorka, Kylock - Great Brunn Core Raid Story

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Neomi, Dorka, Kylock - Great Brunn Core Raid Story

Hi Playmates, how are you? I think this is the first time that Exos like re-did a core raid, isn't it? With the excitement and thrills, I decided to look over the story again and see if there is any information we can pick up now that we're a little more into the game.

I know I've been focusing on the storyline, but it's because there haven't been that many game content updates worth mentioning lately. So here are 3 points that I drew from this updated story.

1. It seems like our heroes can meet the versions of themselves without any side effects. When Talia met Talia, I thought it was cause she was some magical being, but Neomi is also able to meet Neomi without any issues. Uloom also confirms that it seems like beings from the alternate universe CAN live in a different timeline, like Scarlet.

2. The primary difference between the Brunn of Girl Neomi and Guy Neomi is that in Girl Neomi's Brunn is that in Girl Neomi's timeline, Kylock, Dorka, and Neomi are kind of like the protectors along with the soldiers from the different tribes. In Guy Neomi's timeline, it's more of a democracy where all tribes are united. Everyone can fight for the nation that they live in.

Guy Neomi briefly mentioned that the Girl Neomi has some physical ailment and that she took on in her efforts to be this protector instead of letting the people of Brunn fight for themselves. Neomi is working on some kind of drug and most likely using it on herself to make Brunn stronger. It may have something to do with the Forbidden Consequence, which is that giant monster you have to fight in Ch 14 that Brunn has.

I also think that this Forbidden Consequence, being that it's a consequence of something, means that Neomi or her parents did something to bring this creature into being. That is kind of like how in the Journey of the Fate core raid, there as a consequence as Carrie used forbidden magic to go back in time. Or it could be that the Forbidden Consequence is Neomi's father by the hints and things dropped off. He had taken a drug to try to gain power for Brunn because although Carrie was able to ally with Saint West, it wasn't enough to unite Brunn as a united nation.

Considering Brunn is a torn nation, and with everything that happened with Carrie, Neomi may have taken desperate measures, including using dangerous body altercating means.

3. Dorka and Kylock are not as bad as I thought. I honestly thought they were using Neomi for their gain, but their bonds are pretty strong, and their loyalty is mutual.

Overall, it seems Brunn has their own set of problems to work through. Hopefully we get more insights into the Brunn story moving forward!

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