Rank 2 Gear, Silver Fatecores?! Next Exos Heroes Season Update Discussion

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Rank 2 Gear, Silver Fatecores - Season Update News

The next chapter of Exos Heroes Season 3 Saint West is on the horizon. Chapter 15 will give us new heroes, silver fatecores, gameplay enhancements, rank 2 gear - what does it mean for the gameplay of Exos Heroes? Does it make the game more free to play or pay to win friendly? Let's guess and discuss the new upcoming content together.

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. I'm all for the new Saint West hero update. Choi later mentions that the existing nation roster will be updated - like Vagabond heroes - so that's cool! Part of the charm of Exos is having a great range of both beautiful girl and cool boy heroes to collect.

I'm dying to dye Queen Carrie's dress and I am truly hoping that the iridescent colors show through whatever dye color that we put onto her.

I'm betting on that Carrie will be a Dark hero and John will be a Light hero and Nemeris will be a water hero. Leave your guess below and let's see if we're right! I think we can also chat about these heroes and our conspiracy theories this weekend as I'm planning on doing more game guides and news on Wednesday and relaxing and chatty strange whatever things on the weekends!

Next update talks about Hero Strengthening Guide with new Silver fatecores.

I felt it was inevitable that Exos would get another colored fatecore. Based on the screen it looks like you have to complete 19 quests to get the silver fatecore which would be rated at around a black fatecore and useful for completing stories. I find it kind of ironic if this were the case because one of the tasks is to finish the story to get the fatecore in the first place lol. But we don't know the details yet so let's see what happens.

This means I'll have to update my fatecore sharing list again which I did update the fatecore sharing list so go check it out if you want to see the updated version with the recent fatecores. I plan on making a fatecore tier video soon too!

Next gave me a chuckle and made me wonder if I somehow can look into the minds of Line games. Based on the update text, it looks like Nation Recruit will now no longer reset once per month, but rather reset once you hit the final reward at 390 milestone! If you saw my last week's video on how to get nation recruit tickets with golden clocks you know it would have taken at least 3 months of saving before you can pull. They changed it now that you can pull whenever you'd up to the final 390 mileage without fear it'll reset - but don't do it yet though until the update and check out my last video on how to get those clocks to get the nation recruit tickets.

On that note I also posted the details of the playmate appreciation giveaway last week too! I'll also drop it down there if you want to participate for one of 3 prizes.

Let's continue onward. Core Memory Awakening is being updated and Signature Force stage 3 is also opening. I'm still a little iffy about this. With new nations being opened which will get a new signature force, new silver fatecores, the continuing Eternal Bond and core memory which means you got to pull for multiples of those fatecores - there is a lot of areas to put resources that your decisions will be stretched thin. I wouldn't say that's necessary a bad thing to have more content and diversity but that also does open up ways for the game to give more advantage to players that spend more money. This comes from the place that there's still no really "grind" in Exos where if you were to invest time you can get more resources that you could have bought with money.

Case and point with the next update of daily mission content being easier now with less restrictions on hero elements. That's all fine and dandy but you're still limiting the number of access to those missions on tickets. I'm interested to see how this all plays out and hopefully it doesn't increase the gap from new players and existing players and even f2p and paying players. Every game needs a balance of all of those types of players so I hope that Exos treats it carefully.

Anyway, it's good that they are removing extra "effects" from the recruitment and the door of creation too... because I certainly agree 100% that those guardian stone changes took forward cause of that additional non-skippable effect. It was nice that they added the feature to be able to select the equipment to change the guardian stone because there was no real good way to sort the items in the door of creation that it took time away trying to find it too.

And thumbs up to Line Games to add sort by nation in the journal too. Feed our need to collect them all!

Raid collect all is nice feature. Thank you, should have already been there.

Yupir's lab x2 speed and auto that's great. Skip tutorial function that's pretty cool. Wug Run Fest you should just do an overhaul altogether but that's just one player's opinion.

Final point. Rank 2 gear. Duh duh dun... What they are saying is we will be getting rank 2 gear soon but they don't know how to do it.

Honestly, I didn't really mind saving up abrasives and fated gear to have it destroyed for Rank 1 gear. Yes this girl is crazy some of you may be saying but there is some sort of logic in having gear disappear in the process. You still got the stat upgrade from the previous gear.

Honestly allowing players to "keep" additional bonuses from previous rank gear is just going to make the heroes at the top of the ladder even harder to catch up to.

The main issue with awakening is that your hero first has less stats because of no set boost and is prone to be broken because you don't have enough guardian stones by not having rank gear available. But let's really think about this. You're getting an insane boost with awakening and with the enhance element option and DoT, you're most likely going to be broken anyway with a full set of fated gear.

I don't have a solution to this so I'm not gonna complain but there are some tweaks I'm sure they can think about. Why not make each element stone give a boost to have diversity? Or have mixed element stone set bonuses instead of just same element stone bonuses? Maybe have opposite element sets have a negative effect? Give weapons an element and synergize the hero's guardian stone with the weapon's element??

Sorry I use to play around with RPG Maker so I'm really into like thinking up random stuff like this... most of the time I keep it to myself because of all the ... opinioned voices. Haha I mean look at the director's notes. It's good to be humble and open to the player base but he also sounds abused I feel kind of bad for him.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the new season? Let me know in the comments below! Also check out the fatecore tier list and the subscriber appreciation giveaway!  Also if you like random gaming content, please consider dropping a like and subscribing I post every Wednesdays and Weekends. Thank you all so much for watching, stay safe, and take care.

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