Summoning K-Pop Queen Jinai Fate Core on Exos Heroes

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K-Pop Queen Synergy Gold Fatecore Jinai

Dananana! Queen Jinai is primed and ready for the SYNGERY concert, will she be willing to perform on the PlayWhatever stage too? I've prepared the venue and the xes, let's see for how much our Queen is willing to give her dazzling performance!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Jinai

Supreme Queen Jinai

Gender Female
Age 36
Origin Nation Saint West
Race Human
Hero Tier Fated
Element Nature
Position Chaos
Fatecore Color Gold
Fatecore Theme Synergy

Jinai in a parallel world who became an idol. A group leader who believes that the purpose of idols is to attract people. For her, singing or choreography is a secondary attraction for the fans which often causes discord with the members, but her charisma on the stage overwhelms them.

Gold fatecore Jinai is a powerhouse and an essential to any Estoris Republic team. Her passive Charm activiates on heroes that have less attack than her and lowers their attack speed by 30. Fan Meeting casts Anti-Fan mark to the enemy when she is attacked. When the target with Anti-fan is at or less than 30%, this skill triggers a double-team with all living allies, allowing all allies to attack with their basic attack on the target. This can be activated every 7 turns and can be an annoying "last shot" kill.

She also has Superstar which afflicts attention mark for 7 turns onto a target when a skill hits, increasing all damage over time (DoT) effects to be increased by 100%. This is not as useful in PvP but can be beneficial for certain PvE content for breaking heroes.

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