Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Kylock Free Phone Wallpapers - PlayWhatever
Kylock was my first ever Brunn hero that I pulled on Exos Heroes... and I was kind of disappointed. Where was my Dorka? Where was Naomi? After pulling 2 more copies of him before all the other Brunn heroes I've come to accept my fate.

As a tribute to this persistence to try to get me to notice me and also by the request of our playmate Khair, here is a Kylock Phone Wallpaper!
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Exos Heroes FC Jean Summon & Free Phone Wallpapers - PlayWhatever
Exos Heroes Jean has grown up... H.O.T! Come play with me to summon Jean FC on the Blooming Someday banner, see a female Bernavas, and also take a peek at my little Jean's side story too at 4:35!

And because he's too good to pass up, here's phone wallpapers for you to download! One is of FC Jean in his original colors, and the other is of how I dyed my FC Jean (check him out in the video)!
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Exos Heroes FC Shell Wallpapers - PlayWhatever
I don't think I've ever been this excited for the new Fatecore theme, where we get to see our heroes all grown up! It may be because I use to be (still am) an avid fan of Sims, novels, and stories and character development, but this theme is just right on point.

And this new fatecore to be released of Shell is just fantastic!! I fluffed up her hair a bit and also put her in a red dress PLUS she'll be here in a few so hopefully I'll get better resolution images for more wallpapers!
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Summon for Pretty Boy Rachel! Exos Heroes Choice Blue Fatecore Re: - PlayWhatever
Choices, choices! Exos Heroes 1st Anniversary Choice Blue Fatecore Re: summon banner gave players a hard decision to choose between 4 different blue fatecores to pull from. With Rachel winning PlayWhatever's popularity contest, let's see if we can get him to escape his palace and join our party!

And to celebrate, here's a Mobile wallpaper for you to download!
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Exos Heroes Discord Emojis Pack - PlayWhatever

Do you have a discord server of friends that play Exos Heroes? Download this Discord emoji pack with 12 basic Exos Heroes icons to customize your server!

You can download and use these emojis for free for your discord use, but please do not redesign or redistribute them. Download is a zip file containing 12 separate icons.


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Exos Heroes Summer Yao Wallpapers - PlayWhatever
Yao's Summer Blue Fatecore is out... and so is my xes. Although arguably one of my top 20 heroes on Exos Heroes, I do not have the means to pull for her. She is adorable, but I can't afford to use xes on a hero that I will not be able to fully utilize on my team with Gold FC Valentina on the horizon. To ease my heartache, I created different versions of her as wallpapers.
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