Dorka Exos Heroes Season 2 Mobile Wallpapers

Exos Heroes Brunn General Dorka

Exos Heroes is full of flaws, but the artwork is not one of them. This mobile gacha game has over 100 heroes, all crafted beautifully in their aesthetics.

As with most games, there are bound to be fan favorites. That can be because of the design, character, usefulness in-game, and how easy the hero is to obtain.

Dorka, the Brunn General, just happened to tick the boxes in these aspects in Exos Heroes and quickly rose in popularity since her initial launch. Gamers have long asked for Dorka's Gold fatecore, and to this day, still waiting for her gold fatecore. Currently, only Orange and Red fatecores exist for this beautiful general.

Storywise, Neomi should be the general for Brunn, as Neomi is the leader, and Dorka is one of Neomi's attendants with Kylock. We do not know much about Dorka's past or where she came from. Gamers can speculate that Dorka is related to the Dragon tribe based on her design and mysterious origins. Dorka is fiercely loyal to Neomi from what we can see so far and acts almost as Neomi's mother-figure after Carrie leaves for Saint West.

Exos Heroes Dorka Wallpapers

Regardless of her origins, gamers love Dorka for her beauty and flair. Dorka's skill set as Brunn's general was helpful, with her constant team heal, bind, and magical damage reduction with her fast speed. Although her skill sets diminished with the Season 5 update, Dorka continues to be a part of many teams on Exos Heroes.

Here are 3 Dorka phone wallpapers in honor of her. Click here or on the images below to go to the download page. We also have a dancing Dorka animated wallpaper free for download you can check out.

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PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper


PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper

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