Summon for Pretty Boy Rachel! Exos Heroes Choice Blue Fatecore Re:

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Summon for Blue Fatecore Rachel

Choices, choices! Exos Heroes 1st Anniversary Choice Blue Fatecore Re: summon banner gave players a hard decision to choose between 4 different blue fatecores to pull from. With Rachel winning PlayWhatever's popularity contest, let's see if we can get him to escape his palace and join our party!

And to celebrate, here's a phone wallpaper for you to download! Click below to go to the wallpaper page and download. You can download and use this mobile wallpaper for free for personal use, but please do not redesign or redistribute these wallpapers!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper


PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Successor to the Throne Rachel

Successor to the Throne (Rachel)

Gender Male

Age 19

Origin Nation Saint West

Race Human

Fatecore Color Blue

Fatecore Theme Forgotten Memory

Rachel in formal robes after he was appointed as the official successor to the Throne of Saint West. Since his childhood, he was appointed as the successor to the throne surpassing Nemeris, the first prince and first son of the first queen, Queen Carrie, with his irresistible charisma and outstanding sword skills. Because he was superior to Nemeris in every way, no one dared to stand against him except for Carrie’s allies. Eating away countless emotions, establishing herself as a renowned artist with fame across the whole continent.

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