Exos Heroes FC Shell Wallpapers

I don't think I've ever been this excited for the new Fatecore theme, where we get to see our heroes all grown up! It may be because I use to be (still am) an avid fan of Sims, novels, and stories and character development, but this theme is just right on point.

And this new fatecore to be released of Shell is just fantastic!! I fluffed up her hair a bit and also put her in a red dress PLUS she'll be here in a few so hopefully I'll get better resolution images for more wallpapers!

Click below to go to the wallpaper page and download. You can download and use these wallpapers for free for personal use, but please do not redesign or redistribute these wallpapers!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wallpaper



PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Shell Wallpaper

Artist of Death (Shell)

Gender Female

Age 26

Origin Nation Estoris Republic

Race Human

Fatecore Color Gold

Fatecore Theme Blooming Someday


Shell in the parallel world of a new timeline. She created art on the battlefield of evil rather than justice, resentment rather than goals. As a result she grew up eating away countless emotions, establishing herself as a renowned artist with fame across the whole continent.


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