Dancing Dorka Exos Heroes Animated Lockscreen Wallpaper

The Arrow of Brunn: Dorka on Exos Heroes

If you play the mobile gacha game Exos Heroes, Dorka is a name that you will know. The signature general of the Brunn nation, Dorka is a fan favorite amongst players. Not only does she have a great skill set that synergizes with various heroes, but she is also gorgeous in every sense of the word.

The only sad thing is, as of writing this blog post, it seems there is no fatecore insight for her! All players are praying to the Exos Heroes gods to create a marvelous Dorka fatecore with a kick-ass design.

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Dance, Dance Dorka!

I recently had a talented playmate send me a fantastic smooth dancing version of Dorka! We collaborated to create a Lock screen wallpaper so all our playmates could enjoy having her groove out on our lock screens. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you on this!

Click here or on the wallpaper below to go to the download page. If you'd like to make your own custom gaming wallpaper, check out our design service here.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Animated Wallpaper

About Dorka on Exos Heroes

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Dorka


  • Gender Female
  • Age 29
  • Origin Nation Brunn
  • Race Human
  • Hero Tier Fated
  • Element Machine
  • Position Chaos

The first meritorious helper made Neomi, who lacks political skills and foundation, into the great chief she is now. Her identity is shrouded in complete secrecy, and not even Neomi knows her past.

If you are more aware of Brunns closed-off nature, it is hard to conceal your doubts about her. But this fact was a massive opportunity for Dorka.

With no connection to anyone, her presence was a good opportunity for Neomi, who had just become chief, to include Dorka in her faction. To add to many of her appeals, she also had an equivalent skill level as Kylock, a maniac recognized by everyone in Brunn.

The reason for Kylock's suppression provided ample justification for keeping Dorka by Neomi's side. Ironically, the presence of Kylock, whom everyone avoids, has further consolidated her position. As a result, Dorka and Kylock have a firm position as Neomi’s sword and shield. However, you can't tell who's meant to be the sword out of the two.

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