Exos Heroes FC Jean Summon & Free Phone Wallpapers

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Exos Heroes Black Fatecore Jean

Exos Heroes Jean has grown up... H.O.T! Come play with me to summon Jean FC on the Blooming Someday banner, see a female Bernavas, and also take a peek at my little Jean's side story too at 4:35!

And because he's too good to pass up, here's phone wallpapers for you to download! One is of FC Jean in his original colors, and the other is of how I dyed my FC Jean (check him out in the video)!

Free Wallpaper Download - Exos Heroes FC Jean

Click below to go to the wallpaper page and download. You can download and use these wallpapers for free for personal use, but please do not redesign or redistribute these wallpapers!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Jean Wallpaper

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