Exos Heroes Summoning Gold Fatecore Iris

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Gold Fatecore Iris on Exos Heroes

Beautiful yet somewhat uptight Iris has shown up at the beach! Will all our luck be wasted away and Iris will force us to pity her? Find out in this summon session where we also talk about appreciation, fated units, and other random topics!

Summer Festa Iris Swinsuit Wallpapers

To cool you down with beautiful vibes, here's some Exos Heroes Summer Festa Iris wallpapers for your phone. Feel free to use these free mobile wallpapers and cool down from the hot summer heat! Click below to go to the wallpaper page and download.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Iris Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Iris Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Iris Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Iris Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Iris Wallpaper


About Summer Festa Iris

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Iris

Holiday at the White Ocean (Iris)

Gender Female
Age 18
Origin Nation North Von Frosty
Race Human
Heroes Tier Rare
Element Light
Fatecore Color Gold
Fatecore Theme Summer Festa

This Iris from a parallel world is enjoying her summer vacation. Having led such a busy life, taking a vacation was risk endeavor that could cost her life. However, she always had her trustworthy colleagues and the strength to overcome any tribulation. And thus, the Northern Flower decided to bloom in full under the summer sun for the first time.

Summer Festa Iris is an excellent counter to any First Guardian fatecore heroes as she negates their barrier effects. Her ability to cleanse, restore mana, and also dish out a powerful single target attack makes her a great addition to any team, even non-North Von Frosty teams. Her Summer Festa ability to also grant a frost-base attack one time during the battle is also great against teams with Bathory.

Summer Festa Gold Fatecore Iris has fallen in importance from the appearance of other heroes like Gold fatecore Shell and Mythic hero Misty, but she continues to be a favorite in many team compositions.

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