Summon For Gold FC Carrie... without Enough Xes on Exos Heroes

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The Gold fatecore Carrie has been released on Exos Heroes. Although I don't have enough xes to pity her, something about her eyes and her charm bewitched me to try to pull for her. Let's see how we do while talking about some upcoming updates!

The Young Empress of Brunn Carrie

Carrie's Gold Fatecore captured my attention when her opening animation showed her in an open field of flowers. "Ah, this is why I should pull on the Carrie summon banner" was what I thought when her golden eyes sparkled across the screen.

Should You Pull for Carrie's Gold Fatecore?

If you're wondering if you should pull for Gold fatecore Carrie on Exos Heroes, check out my review here: Exos Heroes Gold Young Empress of Brunn Carrie Quick Review! Pull Her or Blue?

Carrie's Gold Fatecore Skills

In addition to Bramble and Rose Multiflora that decreased health regeneration and lowered maximum HP, she now has a passive called Separate Goals, Daring Regime, and Pressure Tactics.

  • Separate Goals increases own attack, defense and maximum health by 25% and stacks up to 2 times if there are 3 or more living enemies at the start of round after the 1st round.
  • Daring Regime increases attack of all allies by 20%, while pressure tactics additionally decreases maximum health of enemies by 30% for 1 round if there are 5 or more Bramble marks.

If you build her attack high enough to get bramble off which should be easy with the attack boost from Daring Regime, coupled with her flow of mana ability to give all back row allies 1 mana permanently, you have the queen that will amp up your cleave team to another level.

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