Choice Fatecore Re Hero Choosing Guide for Exos Heroes

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Exos Heroes runs repeat banners for the Choice Fatecore Re where players can choose the hero that they want to summon for on a particular fatecore theme. This gives the player the option to choose between the Gold or Black fatecores, and just 1. This guide will tell you 5 questions to ask yourself before making the choice on which hero to select for this selection fatecore banner events!

Hi playmates, with the Choice Fatecore Re events in rotation on Exos Heroes, you may be wondering which hero to choose. So I've organized 5 questions you should ask yourself to make the smart choice on your hero selection.

1. Which nation are you currently building?

This is a crucial question that you want to ask yourself before choose your hero. Make sure you're looking at the signature force nation of the hero, not the actual hero nation. For example, Jinn is from North Von Frosty, but his signature force nation is Estoris Republic.

If you're building a Lenombe team, you might be better off getting Morris even though he is a black fatecore vs Tantalo who is of the Greenland nation although he is a gold fatecore.

In most cases, if you have to choose between a gold and black fatecore of the same nation and the hero criteria meets the below, gold would be the better choice.

2. Is there a signature general in the selection?

This relates with question #1 - does the hero you're about to pick work best for your nation synergy?

If there is a selection for the representative general within the choices, most likely it's best to go with that. Not all but many black fatecore heroes are reliant on passives of their signature generals. If your general is not effective, it might be better to go for a different hero.

Generals get their passives off by having a higher stats. Increasing the fusion rate and enhancement of fatecores allows you to do that.

3. What does your core memory look like?

Core memory is essential to boosting your heroes. Although it does rely on your alliance member's fatecore fusion levels as well, you can use your own heroes for the stat boost. If you need that last copy of the fate core to complete your +5 fusion to get the maximum core memory boost, it's definitely worth it.

4. How much xes do you have?

Nothing is worse than coming close to pity, not having the copy of the fatecore, and running out of xes. Unless you feel like a daredevil and want to test your luck, for black fatecores you want to make sure you have 13,300 xes and for gold fatecores you want to make sure you have 19,600 xes to guarantee at least 1 copy of the fatecore at pity.

5. Which hero draws your attention?

Last but not least, get the hero that you want. It is a game after all. If you're drawn towards a hero because of their story or design, go for it! The point is to have fun.

What are the factors for you to choosing your hero? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving alike and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends.

Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe, and take care.

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