Exos Heroes Gold Young Empress of Brunn Carrie Quick Review! Pull Her or Blue?

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Summon Banner for Young Empress of Brunn Carrie on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes released the Young Empress of Brunn Gold Fatecore for Queen Carrie of Saint West. True to Exos Heroes gacha game system, she requires a full 28 pulls for a pity. Carried comes at a critical time with the blue fatecore summon banners. Is she worth it? Or should you wait? What teams will she be good for? Let's discuss this in this quick review!

The Young Empress of Brunn Carrie

Saint West's gorgeous queen Carrie is getting her gold fatecore finally on Exos Heroes! It's interesting how they created a little girl version of her, but seeing that she did start from such a young age to carry on her responsibilities as the queen of Brunn, I think the theme itself works according to the story.

Design-wise, her dress does look a little plain compared to her queen of Saint West dress but seeing that Brunn was a little more tribal, it makes sense. Her hair is pretty darn cool, though, you have to admit!

Should You Pull for Carrie's Gold Fatecore?

Should you pull for her is the question of the day. So here's a real quick review of my thoughts on her. I know that we are having a Blue fatecore choice banner simultaneously, so you may be torn on where to spend your xes.

Honestly, the blue fatecore, if you're missing any fusions, is going to be the better option. Blue fatecores boost up more than one hero, so it'll be more beneficial in the long run. However, Carrie looks like she'll be a great addition to attack-based cleave teams. Saint West nation is pretty much Carrie, Nemeris, and John Donk. Nemeris' black fatecore has a pretty cool attack increase boost, but John doesn't, so in the end, getting Carrie for other attack-based teams like Lenombe would be beneficial.

Carrie's Gold Fatecore Skills

Why? Well, let's take a look at some new skills Carrie has.

In addition to Bramble and Rose Multiflora that decreased health regeneration and lowered maximum HP, she now has a passive called Separate Goals, Daring Regime, and Pressure Tactics.

Separate Goals increases own attack, defense, and maximum health by 25% and stack up to 2 times if there are three or more living enemies at the start of the round after the 1st round.

Daring Regime increases all allies' attacks by 20%, while pressure tactics also decrease the maximum health of enemies by 30% for 1 round if there are five or more Bramble marks.

Suppose you build her attack high enough to get bramble off, which should be easy with the attack boost from Daring Regime, coupled with her flow of mana ability to give all back row allies one mana permanently. In that case, you have the queen that will amp up your cleave team to another level.

Pull for Gold Carrie on Exos Heroes!

She may play out in the game, but theoretically, she looks like she'll be a powerful addition to cleave team. So even though I already worked on Xiakhan, I think I'll try to add her in his place and see how she does and let you guys know!

I hope this Exos Heroes guide helped you out. What do you think of Queen Carrie's gold fatecore?

Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekend on YouTube. Thank you all so much for watching, stay safe, and take care.

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