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Journey of the Fate - Carrie, Mahar, Valarr's Untold Stories

Exos Heroes released the Journey of the Fate Core Raid, and in it are stories of the heroes that we've never seen before. From the world travel by Talia to manipulate the future, to Mahar's memory erased, Valarr being tricked by Garff and Carrie's death - let's unravel the story of the Saint West and Brunn heroes!

The Power of Time Travel

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar. A question that you've probably heard or pondered yourself is the concept of time, time travel and the ability to change your past or your future. What's worth for you to take a risk to change from the past for your better future? Hold onto that thought as we go through the story of the core raid that revealed quite an interesting back story for Mahar, Iris, Valarr, Garff, Carrie and John.

The Concept of Parallel Universes on Exos Heroes

Before we dive into the stories themselves we have to remember that Exos is based on the concept of multiple universes or timelines. These core raids happen on these alternate timelines that Zeon and our team travel to through these "ripples" in the timelines. It's also safe to assume that the various fatecore themes that we have happen all in the same alternative timelines.

So the stories that we hear in this Journey of the Fate core raid is not happening specifically in the main timeline that we're playing, but a crossover from our main timeline (the versions of the heroes without the fatecores), the Jouney of the Fate timeline, and the Blooming Someday timeline.

Now if that sounds confusing, it basically just means we should assume that the physical look of the heroes determines which timeline they are from, the original version of the heroes with no fatecores being the main timeline and the fatecore looks of the heroes all being from different worlds or at least that's how it should be.

One thing to note though is that it seems like the consciousness of the heroes are somehow connected between the timelines so there are definitely similarities between the heroes and their decisions in each of the timelines.

In general, it seems like the main issue in each of these timelines is Shufraken. He wants to be the king of the universe no matter what version of him you cook up. I wouldn't say he's evil, just very ambitious because it does seem he's good to his own people, although from what Talia is saying that Shufraken becoming this possessed dragon king means suffering for the entire world.

Summary of the Plot for the Core Raid

Anyway, the gist is that there was a twist in time, where the main timeline and the timeline of the journey of fate intertwined, and Talia along with Minea and Garff from the main timeline try to fix it. It goes in reverse order, meaning that Carrie's story here happened first, then Valarr, then Mahar's.

And its here that we learn a little bit more about the backstory of Mahar, Valarr and Carrie in this alternative journey of the fate timeline. Now, again, the stories of these heroes are for this timeline, we can't be sure if it's the same backstory for the main timeline that we're playing. Even at the end of the core raid where we return to the main timeline, the heroes are talking about the events of the alternative journey of the fate timeline like it was a dream - meaning that even though the consciousness may be connected and shared, the events themselves may not have happened as shown in the main timeline.

Ok, hope that all makes sense so now let's dive a little into each story.

Mahar: Father of Iris, Betrayal, and Everlasting Greif

In this timeline, Mahar is betrayed by the nobles who seemed to ally with him in order to take down his older brother Shufraken who was planning on killing their father for the throne. Making the rational decision that if Mahar was the give up peacefully and be killed by Shufraken that Shufraken will kill his wife son and daughter anyway, Mahar makes the decision to run for it.

In this timeline Brunn has already fallen to Shufraken so he is unable to find any allies in Brunn, but he is intent on getting revenge on Shufraken and save his daughter Iris from slavery.

Unfortunately, Talia from the main timeline comes and tells him he can't do that, that he must let her be and have her misunderstand him and hate him. And in order to make sure that happens, Talia wipes out Mahar's memory.

Talia from the Blooming Someday timeline tells Talia from the main timeline that maybe that isn't the best way to go about this, and Talia tells Blooming Someday Talia that she must stay true to her task. Now Talia also mentions that she'll probably not see her grown up self, which is true. Talia from the main timeline does "disappear" at the end as she changed her fate too much and doesn't get the chance to grow up.

Now Iris is able to use her hate towards her father to get in touch with Zeon and continue her mission to get revenge and somehow end up saving the world while Mahar who lost all his love for his daughter which was the most precious to him and is just filled with revenge.

This is just too aggravating. Again, this isn't to say that this is what actually happened in the main timeline. In the main timeline, Mahar may just be an asshole with some flashbacks of himself caring for his family in the Journey of the fate timeline.

But it's also hard not to feel like Mahar in the main timeline has some sort of feeling for his daughter. Who knows, maybe Mahar from that alternative timeline is the Mahar in our current timeline if he crossed over. Anyway, this whole family fued between the 3 brothers Shufraken, Mahar, Alexi and their family members is all really hard to see.

Garff and Valarr's Fragile Friendship

Garff and Valarr's friendship in this timeline is also really sweet. They start off bantering like real bros and you see a soft side of Valarr who even takes care of buy a present for Garff so Garff can give it to his new born baby whom he missed the birth of. They were truly friends despite Valarr really hating to admit so.

What's revealed in this timeline though is that Carrie tried to pull the two apart so she can have someone back her up in her plan for domination of Saint West for Brunn, and intentionally set it up so it looked like Garff was cheating to beat Valarr.

Talia from the Blooming Someday timeline comes to the Journey of the Fate timeline to play the role of Carrie to set Garff up to look like he cheated as Carrie is dead in this timeline.

She inevitably uses Garff from the main timeline to achieve it, and so the end result comes to that Valarr seeks revenge on Garff in this timeline as well.

Talia then erases Garff from the main timeline's memory before sending him back to the main timeline, but Garff remains "soft" for Valarr as the experience's memory remains in him, that Valarr was set up and used - first by Carrie in this main timeline and actually eventually by Garff in the alternative timeline.

Honestly, I don't even know how to address this. It seems like Talia's task in this round was to try to make Garff go easy on Vlarr in the main timeline so that things go according to the original prophecy and have Valarr align with Carrie and to chase after Zeon and gang. In the big scheme of things to save the world all things have a cost but it's such a sad ending to what could have been a wonderful friendship.

Queen Carrie's Chapter on Love and War

And finally Carrie. So we know that Carrie is dead in this journey of the fate timeline, and we know why now. She used forbidden magic to go back to the past in order to try to rebuild Brunn in a way she saw fit as no one would listen to her. The forbidden magic had an adverse affect on her causing her eventually to pass away. She sacrificed her father and tribal leaders to do so, but she did succeed in bring Brunn up stronger as a young leader in the old days right as she was born.

In the past she meets up with young Prince John donk, who pretty much falls in love with her for the same reason he fell in love with her in the main timeline - she was strong, charismatic, smart and beautiful. They form a teacher and student relationship, but more so as friends and you can see there's some lovely dovey coodies going on between them as well.

Talia and Garff show up to tell Carrie that she doesn't have much time left, and erase their memories after assuring Carrie that Brunn does form a relationship with Saint West (which we also confirm with Valarr's story that we just went over). By going back and reversing the affect of the magic, Carrie becomes desperate and Brunn falls into chaos which is what we learn in the Mahar timeline that Brunn had fallen to Shufraken.

So fast forward, at the very end as we talked about, due to all this fixing of the timelines, Talia from the main timeline "disappears" Minea loses her eyesight and Garff is sent back to the main timeline. I am assuming that Talia from the Blooming Someday is also back to her own timeline. We go back to the main timeline where we see all the heroes having dreams or shared consciousness from the happening of themselves in the parallel universes.

Strong Motives of Heroes on Exos Heroes

Does this have you more confused then before? I think whenever a story goes into the concept of time travel and multiple universes theres always going to be some gaps and contradictory information, but this core raid did a great job in reinforcing the truth that the heroes on Exos have strong motives that drive them and make them heroes rather than just mindless npcs.

There are a lot of strong emotions that run deep into the story like betrayal and love that drive these heroes into making certain decisions. Anyway, this core raid was definitely a great story for a boring gameplay and I hope Exos continues to develop their heroes in this way.

What were your thoughts on the stories? Let me know down in the comments belwo. And if you like random gaming content especially on mobile gacha games please consider leaving a like and subscribing. I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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