Exos Heroes: Zeon, Who is He Exactly? Digging Zeon's Origins

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The Exos Heroes Protagonist, Zeon

Hi Playmates, how are you? It's Aerastar. Zeon as the main protagonist in Exos Heroes seems to be lacking a bit in terms of his background. As the person - maybe not fully human - to have been able to contain a bit of the Dragon Emperors power - let's discuss the little lore behind Zeon and those who may be connected to him.

Zeon's Childhood Story

Zeon grew up in a village, where the Red Skulls invaded and killed his mother and sister. There is nothing mentioned about his father, which we'll discuss a little later.

As you may know, Jinn is the leader of the Red Skulls, along with other heroes like Arno, Guy, Patrick and Robert who are part of this notorious group that was "saved" but Shufraken. It's a bit ironic because the members of the Red Skull were brainwashed by a nobleman who tried to used brainwashed children as mercenaries and Shufraken technically "saved" the children which ended up having the Red Skulls pledge alliance to Shufraken.

Anyway, back to Zeon - in order to seek revenge for his mom and sister against the Red Skulls, he joins a mercenary group that falls apart after thier leader dies. That's when he meets Schmid who trains Zeon to be a treasure hunter. Zeon eventually runs away taking all of Schmid's treasures to become the self-proclaimed best treasure hunter. It was on one of his treasure hunts that he runs into the dragon relic, gets cursed and meets Bitru and then sets off on a journey to try to get rid of the curse. And this was all before he turned 21.

So What Else Do We Know About Zeon?

And that's what we know about Zeon in the main timeline - that's really just it. We know that Zeon's gold fatecore First Guardian Rood Zeon was a powerful warrior that was killed in the attempts to stop Accor, and that's why his lover Misty, eventually went and built North Von Frosty.

It's very ironic that Shufraken would become obsessed with the power of the dragon emperor, when North Von Frosty was built upon the sadness that overcame Misty when Rood was killed in their attempt to stop the dragon emperor. What's probably even more ironic is that Zeon, whose nation is thought to be Lenombe which was built by Cadmos, happened to accidently get the dragon emperor's power when Cadmos was the one that led the rebellion against the dragon emperor.

BTW, fun fact, as I mentioned, Cadmos - the person that built Lenombe and was served by House Goldgate that Freesia is part of, and so it's very likely that Cadmos will be one of the other Mythic heroes that we get later on.

So rewind back to what we said in the beginning about Zeon. As the game progresses, it's more or less implied that Zeon is not a normal human, which we can possibly assume to be true as we don't know the identity of Zeon's father, he seems to be completely missing at the time that Zeon's village is attacked.

Zeon's Origin's Theory!

Now, just going off of assumptions, I'm venturing to actually think that Zeon's roots may end up being somewhere in the lineage of the Dragon Clan and that he as the groom and Iris as the bride come together to harmonize the powers.

The only other human that we know of that's been taken over by the dragon kings power is Shufraken in the awakening timeline where he has collected all the relics and the exestruck. Not to mention, in the previous chapters, it was shown that Iris was also able to somewhat control the relics' power.

Minea foresees a horrible future and Minea's fried Talia tells Iris to restore the power of the Dragon Clan in order to save the world. In effect, Zeon and Iris become the unification of the strength and sadness of mankind, strength being signified by the Dragon Clan which once ruled the entire continent before it was divided that can become corrupt if not balanced, and sadness signified by North Von Frosty which was the only nation that was built upon the sorrow left behind by the consequences of war and the lessons that are being taught by sacrifice and trials.

Conclusion on the Myth of Zeon on Exos Heroes

Well, at least that's how I am trying to understand Zeon at the moment because this whole just "I'm trying to save myself from the curse that came about because I was being cocky about my treasure hunting skills" mantra that is kind of going on.

What are you thoughts on Zeon and who do you think he really is? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving al ike and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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