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Arkvurze Exos Heroes Live PvP Matches

Exos Heroes Live PvP gameplay matches and some tips and tricks that I'd like to recommend!

Top Tips for Live PvP Arkvurze on Exos Heroes

  • Don't bother banning popular heroes like Misty, Bathory, and Rachel. Most players will already think to ban those heroes. so you will be "double banning" wasting an opportunity. Instead, concentrate on banning heroes that you have the most trouble with. For me that will be Tantalo.
  • During the banning selection, don't ban 2 main heroes of the same nation. There is usually no need to ban 2 heroes that synergize with each other from the same nation. For example, if you ban Rera, there is no need to ban Bathory. If you ban Garff, there is no need to ban Rudley. In most cases, banning 1 of the synergy heroes will break the synergy. 
  • Plan to have 2 members of 2 different signature force nations on your team. It'll be very rare for you to get 3+ heroes of the same nation on your team, unless you're investing into black fatecore heroes. So plan to have at least 2 signature team heroes on your team.
  • Pay attention to hero elements. I for one don't think you should throw away the idea of having the same colored guardian stones if you know your heroes. Take out the hero with the element of your stones first and you're set.
  • Expect crashes, don't get upset. Crashes happen commonly with this feature still. Don't get upset when it happens. Fire up the game again and play on.
  • Choose a common avatar. You don't see your opponents name until you get into the battle. If you have a unique avatar hero because of the time of day you're playing for just the lack of players using Arkburze in the first place, you can tell if you were matched up with the same player again. This allows you to ban heroes that you know from the previous battle that they are good with. This also means they can do the same to you, so try to use avatar of heroes that are common like Dorka or Bathory. 
  • Memorize the looks of the original heroes. The selection and ban screen shows the original avatar of heroes not their fatecore versions. You only have limited time to choose or the game will select a random hero for you. There is a filter system, but it's almost useless. Memorize the original faces and save yourself some trouble. 

Watch the YouTube video above for more tips while doing live PvP matches on Exos Heroes!

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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