Exos Heroes Heowon's Mysterious Trade Explored!

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Exos Heroes Heown, Merchant from the East

Heowon is a Legendary Exos Heroes character that owns his own story, aptly called Heowon's Old Store. A merchant from the East with an interesting personality and experience... Let's dive a little diver into his background and story!

Who is Heowon in Exos Heroes?

Hi playmates, how are you all? I know that Memorial Saga is to be released soon and before it does, I want to do a few videos here and there about heroes that interest me and explore their backgrounds together with you, and today is the first of those in the series!

Do you like shopping? I definitely enjoy shopping and our boy Heowon is where it's at when it comes to getting the goodies. Unfortunately I've kinda outgrown Yorm's little boutique and I'm sure that gamers that have played longer will tell you that Heowon where seasoned players will make a trip at least once a month as he stocks his goods from the East.

Heowon is a pretty fascinating character who use to be a part of Glenn's gang before he went off and decided to open up his store in Lenombe after the crew disbanded following the huge airship crash led by Glenn. After a life threatening experience you pick yourself up and start up a thriving store at age 30, I'd say yes, he's a pretty successful entrepreneur.

He seems to be from Saint West, which is interesting, because as a person of queer personalized and a well off merchant, you would think that he has ties to Phedas and their merchanting schemes. Contrastingly he is mentioned even by Rudley that Heowon follows the law and even gets all his permits, meaning that Heowon despite his speech and appearance, he is a law abiding person - at least on the outside. Lenombe being the central nation, I would imagine that getting permits would be a tedious task.

Exos Heroes Heowon's Color Palette

His color palette being green also kind of indicate this being true. Although color isn't everything, green is often associated with calm, growth, optimism and luck which may explain his success and his ability to escape life threatening situations. That's why good money and good health are often associated with green. The only negative association is of greed and jealousy, which may also be why Heowon has the tendency to keep his trade secrets... well a secret.

His splashes of orange then shows his enthusiasm and energy too, while his brush and notebook may indicate that his ability to survive and formulate successful relationships is his ability to recognize and notice things about people and things and use it to his advantage, including poison which is a addon to his skill attacks.

Exos Heroes Heowon the Trickster

And him being a tricker is quite inevitable. Based on what we know, trade in general seems to be a pretty risk business on Exos. There are 2 great merchant groups, Phedas and DDD the Daily Distribution Delivery and they are already going at it with mercenaries, there's bounty or treasure hunters everywhere and for little one man shows like Heowon who carries exclusive exotic goods... well that can go one way or another the big dogs ignore him since he's so small or they all get at him for his goods or he's putting himself up for robbery.

Exos Heroes Heowon, Merchant from the... East?

This place in the East I think we'll never know where, since we don't see any new nations after Marinos Island being added onto Exos Heroes, but it does seem to be somewhere off far since Heowon only seems to restock his stores once per month.

At first because of his whole "dragon" I thought perhaps the East was in reference to Brunn since well, Brunn being east of Saint West where Heowon is originally from and Brunn also has different tribes that may carry various goods, including one that Talia belongs to and she can also see the future and all that stuff, but the more I think about it and seeing the type of currency he accepts though which are the medal of dual, Beads of greed, infinite crystal, rainbow lotus and golden leaf wreath, you have to wonder that perhaps this "East" is actually a parallel universe like in the core raids, and not actually physical locations on the current timeline.

It's also probably a tropical place seeing as the one product that we know he gets from there are tangerines. I really do hope that if Heowon ever gets a Memorial Saga that we see at least where he's getting his goodies from because well.. I could use a large stash of those ultimate orbs and I really want them now!

What do you think about Heowon from Exos Heroes?

Have you ever been interested in Heowon before? What are your thoughts on where he's from and what he's up to with all these materials? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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