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Update News on Exos Heroes - Vagabond!?

A new nation of Vagabond, new heroes, new content, new fatecores? There's some exciting content on the horizon gearing up for Exos Heroes anniversary and some amazing achievements being made in game. Let's wind down and chit chat about what's been happening and what's gonna be happening soon in the world of Exos!

I'm not really one big on gossip, but let's have a little chit chat on the upcoming story. If you don't like spoilers, please click out of the video because I'm pretty much going to be talking about all the rumors and sneak peek content that I've seen floating around.

There was some big discontent when some heroes changed nationality a little while back for the new content such as the signature force... and in a video I had mentioned that I was going to pretend that just like how you can change citizenship and keep your roots, the same is happening for our heroes.

I've changed around my tag team to try to take the home team advantage boosts - right now I have Greenland, Lenombe, North Von Frosty, and Brunn 2nd stage signature force open while I still need to get one more copy of Jinai for Estoris republic boost and 3 copies of Garff for the Wasted Reed team boost.

So - when you start seeing the new Vagabond nation heroes like Schdmit and Seo-a to be released... I start to kind of worrying because I am a very indecisive person and being an indecisive person means a lot of time staring at the phone just trying to figure out who in the world I'm going to work on first. Schdmit I like because he's that whole warm but awkward daddy figure and Seo-a looks to be like a dancer / entertainer and probably Schdmit's daughter if I had to guess because my first initial guess was his secret love but she looks young so I think probably a daughter that he had lost and that's why he took in Zeon kind of like his son as a way to kind of atone for leaving his daughter behind to be a treasure hunter and keep her out of danger. It might be because she reminds me of Iris in her design a lot and when you think about it Iris is also Mahar's daughter that's been kind of "rejected" so why not right?

On top of that I was actually right that Iden will be a blue fatecore!! I am actually kind of surprised actually, and was surprised even more when my suspicions that Talia will also be a gold FC is true too although we're not sure when they will be released. Also excited for the Liffy, Shell and Dorka FCs coming out Then there's the collab coming and the anniversary... in the end meaning that I'm going to be xes-less soon playmates!

Of course the main area where these heroes will be used is tag team pvp and possibly infinity core.

Kind of going back, I changed my tag team around this week to be:

  • Greenland - FC Bathory, FC Rera with FC Iris, FC Annie and Dorka
  • Lenombe - Rachel, FC Zeon with FC Anastsia, FC Lepin and FC Jinn and thinking of changing FC Jinn with FC Baraka whom I finally pulled
  • North von Frosty - FC Shufraken, FC Valetina, FC Ramge, FC Bernadette with FC Jinai

Either way, it's an exciting new changes on the horizon, let's continue to enjoy the fun world of Exos!

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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