Exos Heroes Fated Exclusive Weapons and Fated Gear in the Door of Creation

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What is Fated Gear on Exos Heroes?

Fated gear are equipment pieces in Exos Heroes that give the hero a unique guardian stone. You can tell it's fated gear because is has a gold background.

In Exos Heroes there are 4 ways to get Fated Gear -

  • Airship Forge
  • Door of Creation
  • $$$
  • Events

Airship forge can guarantee a Fated piece of gear for a set # of mats while the Door of Creation can give you a chance to get Fated gear with a lower # of mats.

What are Exclusive Weapons on Exos Heroes?

Exclusive weapons are weapons that are obtained specifically for a hero. While you can equip exclusive weapons on any hero, you can attack and combat power boosts for equipping the exclusive weapon on the hero that it was intended for.

Exclusive weapons also come with a dyeable "skin" that can be linked to the hero that the exclusive weapon was made for. You can equip this skin enough though the hero is not using the actual exclusive weapon.

You can get exclusive weapons at the Door of Creation, while Airship Forge will not give you any exclusive weapons. You can also purchase exclusive weapons from the manage fatecore menu in the game.

*Edit: The Airship forge now has chance up for obtaining exclusive weapons based on the summon banner events. If you also happen to pull the fatecore of the hero, you will have a limited timeframe to try to pull their exclusive weapon at the airship forge. 

You gather materials for the Airship Forge or the Door of Creation through the Holy Dragon Grounds (weapons) and through the Special Challenge stages (armor) daily. Don't skip out on these dailies to collect these materials as Fated gear is a must to progress your account!

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