Exos Heroes Free Heroes from Lepin Banner Refund

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Xes Refund for Lepin on Exos Heroes

LINE Games has promised all players a full refund up the the pity for the Lepin Reverse Fatecore banner. Taking advantage of this shopping spree, I pulled on the banner all the way up to the pity collecting xes across multiple days.

Wanna take a peek on my heroes haul and all the "free" heroes? Take a look!

About Exos Heroes Lepin Black Fatecore

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Lepin

Fairy Queen of Protection Lepin

Gender Female
Age 23
Nation Greenland
Race Fairy
Tier Legendary
Element Frost
Fatecore Color Black
Fatecore Theme Awakening

Lepin from the parallel world, who embraced the power of all the guardians from the past. Whenever Green Land is in danger, Lepin takes in the power of all the guardians from the past and awakens into a true guardian. As this power was accumulated throughout the generation, she does not turn into this form unless the country is in a seriously critical state.

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