Exos Heroes Hidden Exploration Events for Mini Xes Rewards!

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Hidden Exploration Events on Exos Heroes

Knowing the story of Exos Heroes does kind of pay off with these hidden traveler exploration events! Here's an achievement that I got from Rera the traveler - what hidden exploration event have you unlocked so far?

Hi Playmates! Looks like they're going to be dropping Pedas on us with 3 cool new heroes while I'm still kind of struggling to raise up the ones I already have!

But besides that, I've been super lucky to encounter another one of these secret exploration events between Rera and Uloom and Ledger! I just happen to have Ledger and Uloom on my team as I'm trying to get them all to level 90 as part of my celebrate all birthdays and get xes rich scheme and tada - looks like I got it!

There is an explorer with two little humans on top. You get a small xes reward for discovering these, but there isn't much information as to which heroes you need to have on your team to discover these events.

I'm guessing that we're going to have to try to explore with heroes with some history together on the exploration team to open these up, meaning you do need to know a little bit of the story and pay attention to it. To test it out - have any of you guys explored with Uloom and Leger in these events and gotten the same pop up? I think some other possible combos would be having Valentina + Shufraken meet Ramge, Celebe + Glenn meet Risis, Merity and Morris to meet Jean, Metron and Yao to meet Xiakhan and so forth and so forth! I'll have to try out these combos and let you know what I find out.

If you guys have any combinations that worked for you, please share it in the comments below! And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving alike and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. thanks all so much for watching. stay safe and take care. 

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