Exos Heroes Iris - Princess of Revenge

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Iris, the Cold Flower of North Von Frosty on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes' main female protagonist is Iris - the princess of North Von Frosty seeking revenge. Let's discuss her story and how she came to be a squad member for Zeon's gang.

Hi Playmates! A little while ago I talked about Zeon and how I thought Zeon may be on the shallower side for being the protagonist. Today I want to talk briefly about the female protagonist of the game, and no I don't mean Dorka, I mean the lost frost flower of North Von Frosty, Iris.

Iris' Childhood History

We all should know by now that Iris is the 2nd child of Mahar who is the 2nd prince of North Von Frosty. you can tell from Iris' mannerism and her knowledge that growing up she was educated and trained and had a relatively good life until her dad decided to get jealous when he wasn't chosen as the successor. Mahar loses an arm, abandons his wife, son and Iris when he lost in a revolt against Shufraken, his older brother.

Iris and her mom and brother were placed under house arrest by Shufraken, and when her mom and brother passed Iris sought the help of a Baron who she thought was loyal to her father but was betrayed. BTW, it's interesting to note that Iris' mother is probably a non-North von Frostian based on Iris' features. The North Von Frosty royalty are all shown to have dark hair and eyes while Iris has light colored hair and eyes.

Anyway, she was sold as a slave and eventually saved by Talia who had also been human trafficked somewhat on purpose to meet Iris. Iris learned her witchcraft and magic from Talia and was informed by Talia that in order to have her revenge, Iris should get the power of the Dragon Clan by seeking the relics.

Iris on a Mission

Iris ended up being used by the Dragon Watchers ruler Zeradin to get Exestruck out of the palace. In this ordeal she ends up quote on quote teaming up with Zeon to try to escape, but faints when she tries to use the Exestruck against Zeradin. She then travels with Zeon with the mutual understanding that they will find the exestruck and the relics to relase Zeon from the curse and for her to then be given the power of the dragon clan to get her revenge.

So What Can We Say About Iris?

So, that's Iris. The way that she treats Ramge and others at times shows that she has a caring side but the circumstances made her pretty suspicious of people and distanced herself. I mean taking all things into consideration I would be too having been betrayed over and over again.

But WHY is the question. I don't really how her life is focused on revenge in this parallel world. It's pretty clear from the get-go that her revenge is upon her dad, Mahar, and it's most likely that she's going to get revenge on Shufraken too although she does have a soft spot for Ramge.

In one of the parallel universes, she and Zeon fall in love at first sight and get married after their long journey. If that long journey includes the death of Mahar, I don't know if I'll be happy with that ending. It's very clear that in this world that they did not fall in love at first sight, but they do develop a deeper trust and bond as they process through their journey.

Now I don't mind all this melting of the frosty cold edges of Iris by the hot passion of Zeon to get into a steamy mix of banter and love and happily ever endings and all that especially since Iris by nature seems to be a pretty good natured kid overall but it's just so sad to see that a beautiful and young woman is being led by a desire to destroy instead of save and rekindle a lost relationship. This is especially true as it seems like her royal blood is what makes her have some kind of special power to allow her to grow her magic and eventually use the dragon relics and its powers.

It's actually ironic too that her revenge something so dark, is what seems to be necessary to bring salvation to Exos.

What are your thoughts on what will happen to Iris? I honestly think that girl will eventually end up killing Mahar and regretting it a lot. I doubt Zeon and her will get married in this parallel universe although I do think something will bud between them in the whole ordeal. Anyway, let me know what you think!

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