Exos Heroes New Infinity Core Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Rewards

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Season 4 was the opening for the new pve content for Exos Heroes, the Infinity Core. Check out how it works and why you should participate in this feature once per week!

Infinity Core!

Fighting ourselves from parallel universes - is it worth it? The feature use to be an infinite pre-season for some free weekly xes, but with its opening... is it better than before?

Definitely so! Before we get into what this how it works, let's see why it works.

Prizes for Infinity Core on Exos Heroes

The prize that you get for participating are infinite crystals which is a new currency that our quirky Heowon is accepting in his old store. You can exchange the crystals for a fatecore ticket, ultimate orbs, or even enough xes for a multi-pull and eventually will be the red fatecores. What's best is that you get some crystals just for participation so it's best to give this a go at least once a week.

So how does it work?

Each day there is a new boss that you have to fight. Each boss will also have a unique fatecore theme that if you include up to 2 of those heroes from that fatecore theme you get a party stat boost.

Each battle consists of 3 waves, and your ranking is based on what Level or Step you reach, and how many turns it took you to beat it. The turns you take is for the combination of all 3 waves together. So if you take 2 turns for wave 1, 2 turns for wave 2, and 10 turns for wave 3, your total turns will be 2+2+10=14 turns.

Your ranking is based on which level you get to and how many turns you take for that level. If someone reaches the same level as you with the same amount of turns, whoever completed it first takes the higher rank.

The fun part is, whatever heroes you used to complete the last level/step are banned for the rest of the week in the other battles. You can switch your heroes freely in between each level/step but the ones banned I believe are the ones that you used to complete your last level.

Finally, the number of infinite crystals that you get based on the final combined ranking points for the week. Heowon's store resets the shops once per month true to his regular restock schedule.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Infinity Core Guide

Infinity Core Tips and Tricks

First is to look at the guardian stones for the boss before picking your heroes. Breaking the boss is going to be important to get the least amount of turns.

Second, is to try to include the right fatecore theme heroes in your party - do not just use the recommended button selection. The stat boost is significant enough to gain you a few levels with the right combination. There is no way to "filter" based on themes so brush up on your fatecores beforehand!

Third is to try to plan and spread out your heroes to include ones that have aoe each day so you can clear the first two rounds with the least amount of turns. Remember that the total turn count is for all 3 waves, so being able to get those stages out of the way with aoe is the best way to go.

Finally, to save some time, just sequential battle all the way up to the point that you lose the battle. But don't just stop there - once that's done, manually battle to get the least amount of turns in and break the boss as much as possible.

Because the point is to get the least amount of turns, you really need to manually battle to make sure that you can get that. You also don't need to manually battle every single level either as I am certain that the system only takes the highest level and turns for ranking.

And as a bonus tip, again, make sure that you do this at least once per week. I personally also haven't done this every single day and still have earned crystals regardless for participation. I know that the red fatecore is not available yet, but the ultimate orbs, fatecore ticket and the xes I think are alone worth the time to slowly gather up the infinity crystal for the rewards.

You Should Play the Infinity Core!

All in all I think this system is a fun way to utilize more heroes and an incentive to use variety. A little rides on chance as you don't exactly know what will happen with the future hero selections, but that's also a part of the fun as well in my opinion!

Have you tried out the finalized infinity core and what's your opinion? Was this Exos Heroes guide helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

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