Exos Heroes Power Up Priority & Current Working Heroes + Wish List

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Exos Heroes Power Up Priorities

Take a peek at my Exos Heroes power leveling progression and share with me your tips! Dive into my priorities in using my resources to power up heroes, what heroes I'm working on per element, and my wish list for heroes fatecore!


  • Dye Heroes: I'm sorry if it sounds kind of shallow, but I need to enjoy looking at what I'm working on so I can well... work on it xD
  • Enhance & Level: Heroes to +6 star and +5 enhance to get them to level 90, and stop there.
  • Fated Gear: Fully 6 star enhanced fated gear. I don't worry about guardian stones at this time, but it's important that I get them in all fated gear fully polished.
  • Weapon Awakening & Magical Enhance: Depending on the hero I usually try up to +5 weapon awakening, while I go only once per for the magical enhance. Weapon awakening I keep at because well, it stays with them even after awakening while for magical enhance I'll have to do it again anyway with rank gear so I don't bother with it more than once.
  • Fatecore Enhance: Aim for +12 for gold fatecores, and +5 for black fatecores... and dream about blue fatecores because I have NONE!
  • Element Enhance: Little more reserved on this for generals due to the Signature force, but for all other heros I basically have them at +5 transcended so I try to go for the maximum element enhance.
  • Special Forge: Due to the about of resources and the severe lack of abrasives I don't really opt for this since it'll have to be redone after awakening - but if I really am up for the challenge, I will go ahead and special forge some gear.
  • Match Guardian Stones & Awaken
PlayWhatever Updates
Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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