Exos Heroes RTA Arkvurze Details Released! Thoughts on How to Prepare

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Exos Heroes Real Time Arena Details

Although the technical difficulties stopped the Exos Heroes Real Time Arena Arkvurze Pre-Season from going live, new details on how the Arkvurze will go down has been released!

Let's go over it, although with the fact up to 15 heroes may be banned per battle and what we can do to prepare!

So it's actually Thursday that I'm recording as I'll be off the grid this weekend but what happened to Arkvurze?

Well, besides the spelling change which isn't too uncommon for Exos, the details on the battle set up has been release and playmates it's a doozy. It's a shame that they had issues so it's not live so we can't try it out but...!! Gives me time to digest how it works so it all worked out.

The qualifications seem easy enough, finish up to chapter 4 episode 4 and have 20 front row heroes and 20 back row heroes. It looks like it's not cross server as we originally had thought but that's ok.

But get this.

In the first round, each player picks 3 heroes to ban. Not one. Three. EACH. Then each player gets to pick 3 heroes, starting with the priority player. The hero that the priority player picks, the other can't and vice versa. After that round, another 2 heroes per player is banned (of course heroes already selected in the first round can't be banned). and then the last 2 heroes are selected per player, keeping in mind that in this second round some heroes may be restricted because you must have at least 1 front row hero and 1 back row hero.

OK. So basically this means that there will be no same hero on the battlefield, meaning that basically you're going to be out 15 different heroes to choose from - 5 banned from the other player, 5 picked by the other player and the 5 banned by you.

Effectively, this can equate to mean if you've grown 3 nations for tag team meaning 15 heroes total, that may not cut it anymore in order to do well in this real time arena.

Cause let's think about it. There's going to be 6 heroes down before you even get to start picking. Now you don't get to use the hero that you ban yourself too but I'm going to guess that popular heroes to be banned will be Bathory, Rera, Iris, Garff, Tantalo, Talia, Rachel, Uloom, Rudley, Jinn, Jinai, or basically any general or hero with a gold fatecore and throw in Dorka because Exos just doesn't want to give her a fatecore really to be honest. Then it's a pick and choose where your luck determine if you'll get that hero that you want in your team before the other player does.

But it doesn't end there. The second round they ban 2, you ban 2. Even more heroes out of the ring for the last picking round.

So based on this information, there's a couple items that I think we should all work on.

  1. Memorize your heroes' battle nations. From the screenshots it doesn't seem like you get filter by nation and if you can pull off the nation synergies will be worth while, if you have it activated of course. It also means that you can try to "cripple" the opponents synergies if you're aware of what nations they've put in their first 3 hero selection.
  2. Pick up and build up your black fatecore heroes. We're given plenty of black fatecore selection tickets and if you've been playing diligently for a while you may have some that are already fully fused. These heroes I think will play an importance in these matches more than ever with the lack of gold fatecores that are bound to happen. Summer Festa and First Guardian fatecore themes for example have excellent passives even for black fatecores, and the Banga family is not bad either. Some particularly good black fatecores I think are Lepin, Annie, Brooks, Adams, Deva, Magi, Scarlet, Jean, Valarr, Ramge, Anastasia, Bernadette, Nemeris... and the likes although that is a pretty long list already.
  3. Don't stop exploring and keep on exploring! I had talked about in a previous video how most black fatecores were reserved for 4 star legendary heroes and down and gold fatecores were given only to 5 star or fated heroes so far. So, go exploring and collect the nation coins to unleash potential your 3 and 4 star heroes.

All in all, I am very interested in how these battles will turn out. Once Line Games get it fixed of course.

Were you surprised by this battle set up or what did you think? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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