Exos Heroes Season 5 - Artifacts, Equipment RNG, RED FC Dorka? Director's Notes Part 2 Review

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Exos Heroes Season 5 - Artifacts, Equipment RNG, RED FC Dorka? Director's Notes Part 2 Review

Hi playmates, part 2 of the director's notes for season 5. I'm here to shorten that information as much as possible for you!

Exos Heroes Season 5 Refund

I will address the 2nd part of the director's note first, which is to say that most of the resources we used on our heroes and our equipment will be refunded. So the resources on our equipment, weapon awakening, exclusive weapon, hero enhancements, and guardian stone changes will be refunded. Honestly, I don't know if they can accurately record all of that, but since they say they can, let's assume we'll be getting a large refund.

Exos Heroes Season 5 Hero Balance

He commented briefly about Zeon moving to North Von Frosty for balance, and honestly, I don't think that it'll balance the game out any, but it will undoubtedly make it more challenging and fun to find new heroes to fill in that spot.

Exos Heroes Season 5 New World - Marinos Island

Rera's hometown Marinos Island is finally coming to us. I am guessing it's based on San Torini or some area similar. The new chapter in the story also comes with the new path of trials.

Exos Heroes Season 5 Second Mythic Hero

As I mentioned in my Rood's video, Rood is the 2nd Mythic hero, and yes, the mythic challenges will be back.

So prepare yourselves to grind your dailies for mythic tickets that can give you the potential to pull this knight. It seems there are no releases on his skills yet, so I will have to wait on that. Watch my Rood video if you're interested in a little on his backstory.

Exos Heroes Season 5 Artifact System

Artifacts will be added to the game, which is nothing revolutionary in terms of gameplay. Basically, cards that improve hero stats, so you can customize your hero a little bit more. Artifacts will be limited to some heroes, so not all heroes can wear all artifacts. Like heroes, you'll need multiple copies of the same artifact to upgrade them to the next tier to level them further up.

Six copies will be needed for the maximum +5 upgrades and a maximum enhancement to level 30. And yes, this will be a summon, so it'll likely be another xes sink unless you get lucky at Yorm's shop. The best part I think about the artifacts is that since it's by Minea, there will be stories of Exos hidden in the description of these artifacts, which will be nice to see.

Exos Heroes Season 5 Recruitment System Changes

The recruitment system will be changing a little bit. Nation Premium Recruit allows you to pull for three fatecores within that nation. There's no detail, but I'm guessing it's a mix of the Nation Recruit and String of Creation where you get a guaranteed fatecore on that list of that nation after a certain amount of pulls.

Gold/Blue/Black Fatecore Choice Chance up will be held once. This is not an ongoing summon and must be completed within 30 days of season 5 opening after you complete ch 10 ep 10.

You can choose which gold, blue and black fatecore you want to pull for. The first pull is a discount at 200 xes which you should do for its sake, and the pity mileage stays the same. There are step-up rewards, which I'm guessing will be like xes or coins or dye tickets or small prizes if that helps you with your decision-making.

The next part about the Core Mileage Improvement is the best news about the summons. If I'm reading this correctly, it means that after you hit the first pity - Gold and blue fatecores at 28 and black at 19, after a certain number of pulls, that will reset, so you'll be guaranteed that fatecore again after that many pulls. This is especially useful for those who want to go for those extra copies for fusion.

Finally, for String of Creation Re, if you have been doing it, they will reset everything and give magic rubbers for every pull you did. Then when you select the string you want to go for after the update and use the magic hammer on it, the game will automatically deduct ten heroes per every magic hammer, starting from the lowest tier. You cannot use the magic hammer if less than ten heroes are left on the string.

Not bad. This will allow you to essentially choose to knock out the pesty lower-tiered heroes on a new string, even if you got a higher-tiered hero from the previous string pull. So you can use it initially to get a fast start on the new string.

Exos Heroes Season 5 Equipment System Changes

Now for the equipment. Briefly speaking, the system of having five different equipment grades will remain, Common, magic, rare, legendary, and fated. The higher the grade of the equipment, the better stat values and the more substats it has, so that hasn't changed. What has changed is:

1. Each piece of equipment now has a set element, like Breaker, Sniper, Resistance - 10 in total. Equip several pieces of equipment from the same set grants additional effects. For example, get a complete breaker set, and your hero gets a 45% increased attack.

2. Stats are much more diverse than now and not the same for every piece of equipment. The options increased; although each piece of equipment is limited in what kind of main stat and substats it can randomly roll, it's not the same across the board. For example, currently, in the game, any type of glove will have attack as the main stat. But now, it can be attack static or percentage, defense static or percentage, health static or percentage, critical hit or critical damage.

3. When you craft weapons and equipment, the type of stats that can be granted are increased. You can have a chance to craft with these random stats at the forge. You can pick the kind of set you want to craft, but the grade and stats will be completely random.

4. Equipment combine is available to try to reuse equipment from a set you don't want into new equipment with a bit of control with the main stats but play around with the substats. This will require a separate fusion material.

5. Equipment can be enhanced and option enhanced. Enhance is the same as fusion; you need the same grade equipment to enhance to increase the enhancement value. Enhancement increases main stats and also can randomly add or increase substats. Option enhancement can only be done once after +15 enhancement, and the increase will be determined by how many enhancements to the substats were done before the option enhancement.

6. As mentioned, depending on the set, you need different crafting materials. So the Holy Dragon Grounds have been changed into three different dungeons for the different materials, each with five difficulty levels. There is no barrier to entry, so you can farm this as much as you'd like.

Ok, Let's start with the pros. It seems like abrasives are gone, and you just need not multiple copies of the same equipment, so that works itself out. This new system allows great hero customization along with the new artifact system, so you build up the stats of a particular hero the way you want.

Things of worry. The fact that the stats are random is always a headache. Sure the system right now is pretty random - not just for the values of the equipment but like for fatecore fusion upgrade %, but adding more variables means now you have to try to spread out your luck between the fatecore heroes and good equipment stats.

Second, I think the Holy Dragon grounds should cost levistones to play since the ticket system is gone. If not, that's a lot of grinding that will be available.

Using energy to grind in games often leads to two different opinions. One, it makes it fair since you can now use your time to grind nice equipment instead of paying, so it's f2p friendly. It also makes the game less causal, so players who don't have much time to dump into the game and play casually will not fall behind unless they are paying. Either way, just in case, I would start hoarding all your levistones and air squad coins to convert to levistones.

Lastly, the game combines daily dungeons to make it faster to do, assuring that we'll still get the same level of rewards. Hopefully, that's true, and the new silver Freesia fatecore and new Dorka Red fatecore are released. Yay. New background changes on the airship will be incredible with the new gyro function, which is always lovely. I have yet to see heroes on games with the gyro function like trip and fall tho. That'll be cute to see—a bunch of UI updates and the ability to link accounts.

As I mentioned in part 1 director notes review, I'm not opposed to the change and am willing to try this new system out and see.

It's not the most revolutionary game change. There are pros and cons to that - pros being that since it's not anything new, it'll be pretty easy to get accustomed to, and cons that it will remove some of the charms of Exos gameplay. It's the same thing I thought when Line games first eliminated the system of having different break effects for the last guardian stone broken on the hero (I still somewhat miss having that gameplay feature, by the way).

Although I have invested much time and money into my heroes the way they are now, I have always been up for trying new heroes and combinations. Giving different options to do that again is just another challenge and another way to bring life back to heroes that have been collecting dust in the corner of my airship. We'll have to see for sure once the season rolls out and as they work through the clutter, or at least we'll have a cool Dorka to look at, although she doesn't fit into the whole Exos vibe I think, haha. Kind of like our collaboration heroes. I think they should do another collab soon. Hopefully. Anyway.

What are your thoughts on this second part of the director's note? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching. Stay safe, and take care.

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