Exos Heroes Season 5 Team Guide to Make the Best Team

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Exos Heroes Season 5 Team Guide to Make the Best Team

Hi playmates, how are you? Exos Heroes changed their game mechanics with Season 5 in a pretty unprecedented move for mobile gaming. It's no question that gamers have a hard time coping with the new updates.

Regardless of the updates, Exos Heroes is still an excellent gacha game. Here are some new team-building tips or things to keep in mind with the new system to get you back on your feet.

The new system places more emphasis on individual hero stats rather than skills. Generals, Fatecores, and Guardian stones will determine how to build up your team. I can't say it's a better system, but it's a different system and one that requires a little more thought in team builds.

Read on to find out more, or watch the video above for the explanation! Don't forget to also keep in touch with Exos Heroes official Facebook for the latest updated.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Nation Generals

Importance of Nation Generals

First, nation generals. The importance of generals still remains the same as before, just in a different sense.

  • General copies are still needed for the signature force.
  • Generals now give a 10% increase to Attack, Defense, and maximum health to all heroes in the party of their nation.

This new General system is better than before for team-building flexibility. In the old system, many generals and their respective signature forces gave specific boosts to particular heroes, mostly fated heroes of their nation.

You can argue 10% increase is not a lot. Still, with the new equipment system that allows you to build particular stats on heroes, it actually CAN amount to a lot more than before.

Fatecore Themes and Fatecore Buffs

Generals with gold fatecores are also of high value. They provide an additional boost to a statistic of the heroes in the same fatecore theme. In fact, all gold fatecores offer a stat boost to the heroes of their same fatecore team in the party.

What does this mean? This actually means that fatecores have become more critical, not useless. Of course, the essential Core Memory for stat boost is still there, so that's important.

But now you also have to remember who is in what fatecore theme if you'd like to get that extra stat boost if you have a gold fatecore in your team. If you have a gold fatecore general on your team, you also have to remember if any of the fatecores on the team belong to that nation.

If you want to see which fatecore themes belong to which nation, check out the Exos Heroes Fatecore Theme Nation chart.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Bathory Forgotten Memory

For example, take a look at Bathory. She's the Greenland General with a gold fatecore. In her Forgotten memory theme, there are essentially no Greenland heroes. But, there is another Gold Rudley who gives a 5% increase to maximum HP. This is useful since the Old Wounds passive for the Forgotten memory theme deals extra damage based on the current health.

Rudley is Wasted Red, and there are other Wasted Red heroes in the same fatecore theme, so you can add them in. Or, you can go add in Rera, who is also from Greenland, and a gold fatecore in the First Guardian theme that boosts the First Guardian theme.

So adding Rera to the party, you can consider adding in Anastasia; since she's a healer, that'll be good to add heals to keep the current HP up for the forgotten memory theme heroes, so they can deal extra damage. At the same time, Anastasia will get Rera's gold fatecore boost of increased accuracy, so her super-strong Judgement Day skill will not miss. Anastasia will get Rera's buff even if Anastasia is a North Von Frosty hero.

Or you can add Blue fatecore Rachel from the Forgotten memory timeline to the team add in Gold Rera and Gold Zeon from the First Guardian Theme.

Again, you can check out the Exos Heroes Fatecore Theme Nation chart to visualize all the different fatecore and nation theme combinations possible.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes PvP

Importance of Guardian Stones

Lastly to consider are the guardian stones. Before, guardian stones were determined by elements, so the element of your hero mattered. But now it's dependent on your hero's position, Attack, Support, Defense, Chaos. Instead of having a different element hero, you'll need different position heroes.

Breaking stones grants mana and immobilizes the enemy for 7 turns with double damage. So it'll be worth it to consider that after the nation and fatecore theme, you have at least 1 of each hero on your team. You are limited to 5 stones per hero. Since only 1 stone can be broken at a time now, unlike before, where you can elemental enhance your hero to break multiple stones at all, the importance of having aoe heroes per position will be good to think about.

For example, in the previously mentioned team build, adding Anastasia to the Bathory, Rera, Rudley team combo may not be the best if you're looking to build a team to break stones fast. That's because her Judgment Day is a single target attack.

Is the New Battle System Good?

So, in conclusion, this just goes to say that the new system kind of simplified and at the same time complicated the team-building process. Generals are still important, and fatecores are more crucial than before. They grant additional stat boosts, which became more critical because they have simplified skills.

There's no right or wrong answer to whether or not a hero skill-based game rather than a statistic-based game is better. Still, I can safely conclude that this update will allow players to see unique team compositions. The diversity of this new system adds more interest to an already visually pleasant gacha game.

If you'd like to hear more about my opinion on the latest updates, take a look at my Exos Heroes season 5 review.

What do you think of the new system in terms of its complexity? Let me know down in the comments below!

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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