Exos Heroes Season 5 Update Review - Should You Play or Quit?

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Season 5 Updates on Exos Heroes

Hi Playmates! How are you? So let's discuss this Season 5 on Exos Heroes, shall we? I just got back home from being out of town for Thanksgiving weekend, which actually kind of worked out. From what I saw from Facebook - the transition looks like it wasn't the smoothest.

I'll be segmenting this first overview honest opinion video into 5 sections. I'll also continue to create other mobile gaming content, so please subscribe if you love gaming as much as I do!

Watch the video above to hear me talk about my opinion, or read it below!

PlayWhatever Gacha Game Exos Heroes Season 5 Review

Season 5 Initial Launch on Exos Heroes

One of the things that I liked when I first logged on to the game was the refund summary - well, ok, let's go back. The opening screen with Accor is so cool - anyway. The refund summary was nice to see what kind of progress I've made in this gacha game.

The refunds amounts were ok. Exos wasn't particularly generous and not particularly undercutting us. Surprisingly, I was able to go through the content without any issues. It was a good sign. It meant the changes weren't so dramatic that I couldn't play without going back and redoing all my heroes.

You know I am a sucker for Exos art and design. So I jumped at the new airship feature, picked up one background, and grabbed my beautiful Baraka. It was annoying to go through every single dungeon from level 1 back to the final round once more. To make it worse, the quick battle feature on the 3 dungeons kept reverting back to the lowest dungeon level. Even with all the new and old equipment, I had to go back and keep emptying my pretty large bag inventory.

All of that I can call minor. The most concerning issue was that I kept disconnecting from the game and extended freezes. I think this may have been addressed since it's happening less frequently, but that was definitely a nuisance since, like I said, I was already behind.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Season 5 Review Position Stones

New Battle System on Exos Heroes - Position Stones

The excitement hit going through each of the dungeons again and seeing my heroes in battle. It was like playing a brand new gacha game.

The new break system adds interest, forcing me to play with different position heroes. It was a different kind of challenge coupled with the new hero, fatecore, and artifact system. You know I don't often play with defensive position heroes if you know me, so now I got to start trying.

The mana gain was definitely a problem, and it was pretty evident from just the auto battles that it was. Skills were not going off since mana wasn't being gained.

With today's update, this will be updated, but it is kind of... worrying? When a mobile game changes its mechanics, it is often not thoroughly looked at. The fact that developers can change and modify the game quickly is also worrisome.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Season 5 Artifact Summon

Updated Heroes and Artifacts on Exos Heroes

Now on to the big-ticket items - heroes and artifacts. Ok, for this, I'm going to just say this, I did NOT expect this.

Line Games did say modifying the passives of fatecores, but the change was a lot more than expected.

Looking at the situation, I am torn between 2 thoughts. I am not sad or mad that the fatecores and hero skills have changed because I spent money and time on it. I am confused about whether this system is better or more complicated than before.

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The whole point of this revamp was to make the battle system easier. Before, gamers had to memorize all the different passives and how it works with different heroes. The old system placed heavy influence or importance on select fatecores, or so-called meta fatecores.

You can argue this knowledge separated the real veterans of the game. Gamers that really knew the heroes and those that didn't. But, let's admit it. Even the most seasoned players forgot or went with the flow since there was too much going on in battle.

The memorization part got easier because the passive buffs have simplified to nations and fatecore theme. With the new equipment and artifact systems, you can have different heroes with the same passives. This means that meta fatecores will be less common. More team variety is sure to come up.

However, this places into quest the team set up. The individual heroes are more customizable, meaning you have to know:

  • Hero signature force nation
  • Hero equipment
  • Hero artifact
  • Hero battle position
  • Hero fatecore group

I don't know about you, but that seems even more complicated. Making a good working team based on all the criteria may be difficult.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Season 5 New Equipment Forging

New Equipment System on Exos Heroes

This gets even bigger with equipment. First, I had a feeling that holy dragon grounds would be gated by levistones, which is fine. Just less exploration now, I guess! And once they add in the quick battle feature, this farming shouldn't be a huge issue.

But the equipment system is so vast it's a heavenly nightmare. It was great of Line Games to give us material for crafting the new equipment from disassembling the old equipment. I am also happy to see that the crafting takes those materials and gold. You can now get a fast Talia or a heavy Baraka or whatever you want to some degree.

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However, this also means a nightmare for inventory or bag space. Gold is also going to become an issue all over again. Gamers have a way to farm crafting materials, but not gold. Unless they address the gold issue, gold will all over again become a highly sought commodity.

I've done a few crafting myself and have gotten moderately good results. Here's is my equipment set recommendation for nation generals to show what I mean.

Finally, I don't like to be negative. Still, the exclusive weapon becoming a cosmetic item only is one of the biggest disappointments. That is one thing that I really can't understand in any shape or form.

Season 5 Events Overview on Exos Heroes

Exos scheduled several gacha events for the new season. But I think it's better to save the xes for the artifacts instead of using the xes for the fatecore gacha events.

I am super glad that they decided to buff up Rood. I haven't gotten him yet, but I think Mythic heroes need a little more juice with the new battle system.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Rood

Will I Keep Playing Exos Heroes?

Ok, so in conclusion, will I continue to play Exos Heroes? 

Yes. I definitely will. Why? It might, in one part, be stubbornness! The other real reason is if treated as a new gacha game, the structure for the game isn't that bad, and the visuals are still good. Sure the battle system reminds gamers of Epic Seven, but what game is 100% innovative nowadays, right?

The game will be fun if I treat Exos Heroes like a new gacha game that I am getting a head start on. I will have a chance to try out new heroes, which I have to admit I haven't been doing pre-season 5. I am painfully looking forward to crafting all the latest equipment and redoing all my heroes and teams one by one. It's going to be annoying and fun at the same time.

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Exos Heroes is an active game with continuous gameplay updates. This info was based on the gameplay at the time of content creation. Check out recent blog posts or videos on PlayWhatever to find the latest gameplay information!

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