Exos Heroes Season 5 Team Recommendation by Nation

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Exos Heroes Season 5 Team Recommendation by Nation

Hi Playmates! Happy Holidays!! It's been a blast playing with you all, and I hope you're all keeping safe and warm with your family and friends!

Nation roles changed with Season 5, with signature force now being basic stats boosts for all heroes within that nation. With that, let's go over some nation-by-nation team recommendations!

The suggestions are based on my experience with these heroes, so make sure to leave a comment on if you agree or what team formation has been working for you. And before we begin, please consider subscribing for random gacha game content on Wednesdays and Exos Heroes content on the weekend!

I'll be covering the five main nations of North Von Frosty, Lenombe, Greeland, Estoris Republic, and Wasted Red today.

Exos Heroes North Von Frosty Team Recommendation

North Von Frosty was the first nation I ever made when I started this game because First Guardian Anastasia was the banner up then, and she just captivated me.

If you're making a full NVF team, I will go for Gold Shufraken, Black Bernadette, Gold Valentina, Gold Iris, and Black Anastasia. This lineup has all four positions and is a heavy front-line setup that allows Shufraken, Iris, and Anastasia to gather mana. This team's goal would be to load on negative status effects to the enemy team while being barriers on their side of the court.

Exos Heroes Lenombe Team Recommendation

Lenombe's team recommendation would be Gold Rachel, Black Baraka, Gold April, Black Glenn, Black Morris or Black Xiakhan, and Black Glenn. This setup has all positions and is for decreasing attack on enemies and increasing your team's attack stat.

Morris will be the choice if you're choosing to beef up your team and deal massive damage. Xiakhan would be the defensive approach to help April with her mana gain and work with Glenn to decrease the attack of enemies.

Exos Heroes Greenland Team Recommendation

For Greenland, I would go for Gold Bathory, Gold Rera, Gold Talia, Blue Iden, and black Chati. This has all positions, and if you want, you can trade our black Chati for Gold Uloom, but this being a two-front line setup, it'll take a long time for Uloom to build up mana. Chati's lesser mana pull for a barrier for the back row seems a better option for me, but Uloom's shared and reduced damage also works.

Exos Heroes Estoris Republic Team Recommendation

For Estoris Republic, I recommend Gold Jinai, Gold Shell, Black Jinn, Blue Yao, Black Leger, or Black Baileysh. Black Jinn seems to be the better choice than Gold Jinn because there are no other Banga family Estoris Republic members. Now that you can't miss in battle, decreasing hit rate, I think, is a bit of a waste, and the lifejacket skill of the Summer Paradise fatecore theme will come in handy coupled with Yao's and Shell's attack boost. The downside to this setup is that there is no defense hero, but there is no defense hero with a fatecore in Estoris Republic, so I can't help that.

This is a three-front-row lineup, so you can use Leger if you're looking for more of a heal or Baileysh if you're looking for more damage, especially with his strong pierce single target damage.

Exos Heroes Wasted Red Team Recommendation

Wasted Red line up, I recommend Gold Garff, Gold Rudley, Black Jean, Black Magi, and Black Valarr. So now, unlike Estoris, Wasted Red lacks a supporter with a fatecore, but this lineup is about trying to slow down the enemy. There are a lot of heroes that decrease defense, but instead of going that route, reducing the speed with Magi and Valarr, especially of the back row offensive team, and increasing the team's speed through Jean would make this more of a back row target team. You can potentially switch out Valarr with Sabrina or Otard, but she may strip a barrier which increases Jean's attack, so you just have to be careful with that.

Exos Heroes Mythic Heroes for Any Team

Many team combinations above will also work if you switch out the support with Misty or an attacker with Rood. Mixed nation options are also available, but if you want to go full nation with the general buffs, the mentioned are the team setups I would recommend trying.

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