Garff BUFF! Exos Heroes Wasted Red Teams to Try

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Wasted Red Team Set Up on Exos Heroes

Our lovely general Garff is getting a boost along with the gender bender fatecore Reverse World theme buff up! What are some Wasted Red teams to try out? Let's discuss!

o the new choice fatecore re seems to be for the cool gender bender theme. I am obviously going for Uloom because that's a fatecore I still don't have that I really want to have.

The line up for this fatecore theme is pretty good, I have to say Garff and Uloom are nice tank fatecores, and Brook, Valarr and Lyungen even as black fatecores are pretty nice, while Mahar and Bernavas just look cute.

But along with this announcement is that Garff is getting a balance adjustment.

I think most players would agree that Greenland and Lenombe have a pretty decent line up of heroes, and more importantly, fatecores at the moment. Estoris Republic, North Von Frosty and Wasted Red are kind of like side nations at the moment and Brunn, Vagabond, Saint West and Pedas are why are you already in game you don't have much to build and not really viable kind of vibes at the moment.

With the rising popularity of wasted red teams though, it makes sense that they would make this change. Garff's command skill increases defense and health by an extra 10% now from 20% to 30% - so that means possibly taking another hit before dying for heroes.

Not only are the team mates getting a boost, Garff's FC will now heal 30% of received damage each time when hit.

So let's say that you have FC Garff and like a passive healer like Dorka, and other heavy heroes like FC Rudley and FC Valarr who is also effected by the Reverse World balance changes in Wasted Red. Maybe through in Neomi for Brunn synergy and have her share her increased health with one of the heroes who also already have increased health. This Wasted Red and Brunn combo might be worth checking out.

Another combination that may be fun to try out then would be that Wasted Red combination of FC Garff, Rudley and Valarr with Greenland Talia and Bathory. Can you imagine? Increased defense, decreased damage and rewind from Talia along with Tranquil from Bathory would make it that much hard to kill this team.

Those are just some initial thoughts on building a tankier team. I am not a fan of those types of team sets up since I prefer to move fast and kill fast but these balance changes I hope to lead to a little more diverse gameplay especially in tag team matches. I still do think they need to give the option of have tag team or single matches in the future and not change it bi-weekly but here's to hoping.

What are you thoughts on these balance changes? Let me know in the comments below. and if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe, and take care.

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