INCOMING! Exos Heroes RTA & News (While Watching Estoris Republic + FC Schmid Combo Team)

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Exos Heoes Real Time Arena News!

Let's discuss three new features to be released on Exos Heroes - fatecore recruitment craft book, unleash potential reset, and Archburz - Exos Heroes' Real Time Arena coming end of May while I battle with my Estoris Republic team with FC Schmid!

Hi Playmates, so let's just get this out in the open - Exos seems to be doing pretty well eh based on the new content releases we've been teased about right?

Out of all the new updates that we're being promised, there's 3 that want to touch on because lo and behold we actually aren't getting Hestia in this collaboration nooooo xD

First is the fatecore recruit craft book. As a player that's been at this since pretty much the beginning, I do have a couple black fatecores that are already at +5 that any more copies would have been pretty darn annoying. Giving us a way to fuse them to get a fatecore that hasn't been used in the fusion I think is a great function that I'll enjoy. And thank goodness they don't make you lose the hero in the process either!

Second is the Unleash potential reset to get all the orbs and coins back. I'm pretty sure that they'll charge xes for this function but it's not a bad tradeoff. I don't really have any heroes that I would want to reset at the moment since I'm still working on my core heroes and orbs are never enough but with new heroes coming I do think it won't be long until I start using it!

Third and last is the Archburz that's coming, or real time arena. Very similar to the Epic 7 real time arena format it looks like and I'm only referring to E7 right now because that's the other game I'm playing currently that has this function.

I've... never been a huge fan of RTAs but like any game I like to dabble in it once in a while. I do feel like obviously it being Real time and with banned heroes, that the dynamics of the team will be vastly different than Zenbunsteir. Being that there can be bans, it probably means it's time to try to get at least 4 good heroes from each nation (well at least nations that have 4+ heroes that are good lol) so that you can get the maximum signature force buff even if 1 is banned since the larger signature forces now have buffs for teams with 3+ heroes. Not to mention that generals are most likely going to be on top of the list for bans due to their passives so having multi-nations geared up is not a bad idea. Well time to get back to working on my North von Frosty units again too!

I just... hope that the rewards for this isn't too crazy, that it's not heavily gated by tickets, and that it's successful in its matchups and so forth especially when it comes cross server.

Any of these news exciting for you? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends.

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