Is the Exos Heroes x Danmachi Collab Good??

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Exos Heroes x Danmachi Collaboration Review

Exos Heroes 2nd collaboration event is here!!! Let's discuss the heroes, the events and see if this event is a yay or meh with the Danmachi gang!

Hi playmates, so it looks like the collaboration with Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in the Dungeon has finally arrived! I felt like it was dropped at a rather... weird timing but then again who knows! This is Exos Heroes' second collaboration and this one I am a little more excited for because this series is one that I did enjoy so knowing the story and the heroes makes it all the more fun because...

Well, again the heroes are true to their original show but again not in Exos Heroes style. I had mentioned in the last collaboration that it would be nice if they made fatecores to create like... Exos Heroes style versions of these characters even if it's just cosmetic although I'm not sure on how to licensing would work in that sense.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Danmachi Collaboration

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Danmachi Collaboration
In terms of heroes selection; I'll probably go for Ais because she is one of my favorite characters from the series, but I'll probably only do a few pulls for Bell and get Ryuu from the core raid; and I'm pretty bummed out that we're not going to get Hestia or some of the other cool characters from the original series.

In terms fo the heroes' skills... uh... what skills?? xD I do feel like by adding Ais to Jinai and Bell with Garff they are trying to revive the more underused signature force synergies. I made be wrong but I do feel like most players are going Greenland and Lenombe heavy, Estoris Republic and North Von Frosty and Wasted Red are kind of like... here and there and then there's Vagabond and Saint West and Brunn and Pedas that doesn't have enough heroes. Looking at it in a different way, it's nice to have more speedy heroes in the wasted red lineup to balance out the more slower heroes like Garff, Annie, Scarlet, Magi, Rudley and so forth. Ais seems like a buffed version of our cute Banga Adams and can be nice to be able to target either the front or back row based on need. For Ryuu, having a skill that you can only use once per battle is an interesting concept; and we'll have to see just how powerful it is because if I'm not mistaken, 535% aoe damage is the highest % of any heroes so far.

Lastly, about the core raid. Whyyy... whhhyy do such a normal event for a collaboration again? I was extremely kind of let down by the first collab's lack there of a collaboration worthy event. Don't get me wrong; I will definitely do the event but this doesn't really have me excited for any collaborations in the future as it's twice in a row that the same kind of event maneuver has been made.
PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Danmachi Collaboration

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Danmachi Collaboration

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Danmachi Collaboration

Are you excited for any of the heroes from this collaboration? Or what are you thoughts on just a core raid for a collaboration - lazy or crazy or amazing? Let me know if in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe, and take care.

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