New Chapter Updates & Spending Xes or FC Rachel on Exos Heroes!

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Spending Xes for Gold Fatecore Rachel

Going for 10 copies of FC Rachel!!! Let's talk about the latest updates on the new chapter while pulling for multiple copies of FC Rachel for our fusion and unlocking the last stage of the Signature force!

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar how's everyone in the new year? It's been super crazy for me so please forgive me for taking time to get back to your wonderful comments! Now now now, with just hours left on the clock before the banner disappears I'm going to be finishing off my pulls for Rachel. I do have him at +2 right now so I'm going into for that +3 fusion, and hopefully with any additional copies I'll just go ahead and use it on fully unlocking the Lenombe SF. Thanks to everyone that pitched in your thoughts on my last video on the Lenombe team composition as well!

The juicy news that I want to talk about today while I'm pulling is the newest update~!! There's a couple items that I think were interesting, first being the update to the story. It looks to be a sweet one with more backstory on Emma and Baileysh. Do you guys think by the way that age gap is real when it comes to love? Emma and Baileysh are actually 20 years apart in age, and were lovers. Well, technically  Baileysh was like Emma's father figure and lover at the same time and so I guess their relationship was... complicated. This kind of treads into some iffy territory so I'm just gonna leave it at that since Emma does in the end marry John Donk and has his child not  Baileysh's child - although it would be really... interesting if Rachel ended up being  Baileysh's son instead of John Donk's son LOL. OMG can you imagine actually? Cause  Baileysh's was ambitious right? So why not go ahead and put Emma on the throne and have her have his baby so his son is actually on the throne...? Geez what a twist of fate then right lol.

Anyway, I am real interested to see how this turns out. 

OK, and also a collaboration. Seeing that they didn't mention it's the Danmanchi collaboration it may be something different. Anyway that just sounds to me I got to start saving xes so that I shall haha

Hero birthdays! By the looks of it you got to have your hero up to level 90 to receive the birthday gift which is fine because as I mentioned in my hero priority list video, I really work all heroes up to level 90 and then invest the exp scrolls in the next hero. Yay for birthday presents for me~! I think I'll end up doing like a birthday chart for the heroes too so we can see which months we'll be getting the extra xes.

Ok, so the dye system update. I don't know how I feel about this one. In one sense, great since I do like to switch up colors based on my mood or the seasons, etc, in another sense it looks like it costs crystal or real life currency to keep so I'm not really sure. I will definitely need to play around with this one a little bit once it's released and see how it goes.

The hidden stories in the story collection book sounds promising too. Will have to really look into that one and see what kind of interesting hero back stories we can get. I hope it's a little more developed than the Hero Stories that we get. I have a feeling like the more time passes some of the hero stories that we've been getting hasn't been up to par as the previous ones.

I don't know why they're updating Vagabond SF without more vagabond heroes. The Zeon and Schmid combo is pretty amazing but it's still pretty lacking imo.

Light and Dark fatecore!! or rather Black and White, I'm not sure which one it is but... doesn't the images look like Valarr, Schmid, Shufraken, or Nemeris and John Donk? Then again if it's light and dark the easiest thing to kind of think is fatecores for light and dark heroes like Garff or Schmid being an evil dark now and Shufraken being light or something. Well we shall see but from the image it looks like more husbandos and male heroes which is always a plus!!

Lastly I wanted to quickly touch on the character voices. If you've noticed I've been using the Japanese voice pack since I have not been a fan of the Korean and English voice packs. I'm pretty excited to see how they improve the English version and add it more to different aspects of the game. I do think that voice is an important factor in a character so I hope that we get this update soon!

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