Playing Exos Heroes Ch 15! - Battle Tips & Story Rant

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Exos Heroes Chapter 15 Review

I finally sat down with high expectations and finished chapter 15! Let's share which heroes to use and comment on the story that just unfolded with mysterious Queen Carrie of Saint West!

Hi Playmates! It's Aerastar. I just finished Ch 15 and... well. Before I share my opinions, I want to show you the team that I finished the story with.

To complete the chapter you'll need a healer, damage dealers preferably with aoe, and a nullify heal for the Tantalo round. Light, Dark and Nature are the stones that you'll need, with a heavier emphasis on Light stones on the bosses in the earlier rounds. But this is really all taken care of if you have your enhance elements upgraded.

For the damage, I took FC Rera first of her for her barrier, nature element, and having both a strong single target skill to lay it on the boss when broken and aoe skill to clear stages. Here's her stats real quickly, and to pair with her I took FC Bathory for the synergy and also because Bathory packs a punch with her stats even if frost element doesn't help with the breaking in any of the rounds.

For healing, I opted to use FC Talia, because she has incredible healing and cleansing for all allies and can deal damage at the same time while breaking nature stones. If you don't have Talia, Karin, FC April or FC Ledger will also heal wonderfully; just make sure they are tanky.

So now that I had nature I needed a light hero and dark hero. For light hero I chose Iris because she's geared up and she also has the North von frosty darkness damage for the dark break. Her cleanse and mana boost is always helpful too when I need to be dishing out aoe skills to kill all enemies as quickly as possible.

Lastly for dark, I went for FC Ramge since he has the nullify heal which is necessary for Tantalo round. My Ramge isn't even awakened yet actually so he's my weak link so I placed him on the front edge which has tendency to get hit less than the front center to make sure he stays alive.

I don't think there's really a strategy other than don't auto the levels; focus on clearing the stages and on the boss stages try to break them and gun them down with strong single target skills after clearing adds except for the Baileysh stage where you should just kill him first as he will continue to spawn adds.

So with that out of the way --- let's get into the spoiler. Please tune off if you don't want spoilers.

What the heck happened? Why is the story so short and where are all the battles?!?! I just spent so much time to clear the stages only to see that Emma was already dead by the time I got to her and I'm being framed for it and that's it. I get now why Benten was on Queen Carrie's side it looks like they kind of know and kind of don't know Carrie is behind the scenes of all this but what in the world...?!?!

And this whole relic... so Carrie knows where it is but she doesn't know where it is or what was she talking about? I'm being sent to find this treasure but the treasure isn't the relic but something else?

Needless to say this is all way too confusing and not making sense. If I'm going to be classically clichély framed for killing Emma and the John Donk, ok so be it. But at least make this make sense... and add more action!! I'm really hoping that there is more meat in the next update in terms of the story because this chapter has not satisfied my hunger for knowing the meaning being the Blooded Rhapsody - which btw I think is played by Baileysh since I believe he plays an instrument.

Anyway! Enough ranting sorry about that. what did you all think about the story? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to Playwhatever I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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