Quick Thoughts on the Exos Heroes x Tales of Vesperia Collaboration

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Exos Heroes x Tales of Vesperia Collaboration

We're just hours away from the Exos Heroes x Tales of Vesperia first collaboration! Care to listen to my 2 cents on this first collaboration?

Hi playmates, how are you? Getting ready for the collaboration??!!

I never played Tales of Vesparia so I don't really have a connection to this collaboration, which may mean that I have a more objective view of things. What I'm most intriguing about this is the way that the heroes original art was maintained in the collaboration and not adopted more into the Exos Heroes style.

I understand why they made the heroes non-fatecore and at the same time it almost makes the heroes more of a collector's item rather than a hero that you'd actually use. Arguably until you have a good fatecore or a fatecore to share the heroes do lack that additional umf, you know? Since it is a limited time pull having a fatecore may have been difficult as you'd then need to pull 11 copies to be fully maxed (6 for the fusions and another 5 for the transcend) but it would have been cool to have a fatecore version that's like their EXOS HEROES version of the heroes since you're not even allowed to dye these heroes once you pull them.

It's also always nice to get free stuff and I'm excited to see what the raid story is going to be about. Honesty, in terms of this being the first collaboration I do think doing a remake of previous event formats is not ideal in terms of hype, but if the story is good then it'll be worth the wait for it.

All I can say is really use your discretion when pulling for these heroes. Flynn it looks like we'll get anyway in the daily login and you can also get him in the raid, so if you pull Yuri or Estelle in the pulls I'd stop even if you don't pull Flynn. With the rates of drops, if you're low on xes, I do believe that the new Black White fatecore line that's to drop after this collaboration will be better worth your xes in terms of gameplay, especially since Exos does typically have a tradition of adding meta changers with gold fatecores in new fatecore themes.

That's it from me today guys! Let me know if you played Tales of Vesperia and how you plan on spending your xes. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving a like and subscribing to the channel I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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