The Emma & Baileysh Conspiracy : Exos Heroes Ch 16 Story Review

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Baileysh and Emma's Love Story on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Chapter 16 gives us a flashback into Baileysh's past and the incident behind Emma's marriage to King John Donk of Saint West - and it's not like how the Hero Story translation has led us to believe. Let's discuss what went down and what this means in terms of the future of Exos Heroes, Saint West and the nation of Pedas.

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar and I am simply in awe of what has just happened in chapter 16. For me to have the chance to re-live the tale of Baileysh and Emma has been a real treat especially as the last several weeks has been a real whirlwind for me, especially since the collaboration has been a little underwhelming for me - and mind you not because I never played Tales of Vesperia, but mainly because the amount of effort I think that went into the event itself pales in comparison to what we're about to discuss today.

Please keep in mind I will be talking about the full story of chapter 16 today so if you want to discover what happens yourself, come back after you've finished the chapter!

I was astonished because my whole perception of Baileysh changed after we got a full look at what went down, because the translation in the hero stories did not really do this story justice.

Emma is in essence everything I thought she would be, strong willed and free spirited and in a way very naïve that she acts before she thinks. Initially, I thought that Emma didn't really have a say in this situation but it turns out that Emma was the one who suggested that she approach John Donk for the sake of Baileysh's revenge and I'm telling you I highly doubt she really thought that through and what that would actually mean.

Anger is a powerful and dangerous emotion and energy, and Baileysh I think in heart is a good man who let his anger get ahold of him. When he received the mysterious staff from the old witch, he had to learn to control his anger to control the mysterious summons from the staff and I think that in turn allowed him to manifest that energy into becoming powerful.

Baileysh didn't really know John Donk and neither did Emma, and Emma was the instigator in bringing both of their lives into the hands of John Donk for Baileysh.

I honestly believe that if it wasn't for Emma, Baileysh would not have given her to John. You can clearly see his love for her as a person more than just his daughter. And now I'm even more so hoping that Rachel is Baileysh and Emma's baby... although ethically that would be wrong I mean come on poor John Donk getting betrayed by both his queens you know? That poor that didn't do anything wrong except be good to his people and look what happens to him... by the way did you know Baileysh is younger than John?

So what does this mean. Well for one I am sure that Valarr would have fallen out of favor with Baileysh since it was his plan to take Emma for John in the first place but ended up failing, and thus Valarr doesn't really have a choice but to side with Carrie. Second, diplomatically if Baileysh was conspiring to get revenge on the Jensens in Pedas Saint West's relationship with Pedas would not be the greatest as Baileysh would have done his part as the adviser to make sure of that. Pedas is most likely going to be an added nation later on, since we already have heroes that have conflicts with this great merchant nation, like Yorm and Reedmarie, it's only a matter of when and I have a feeling that leading from this Saint West arc we will eventually have to go into Pedas as well as the Estoris Republic with Xiakhan and Metron which by the way - their hero story was also an exciting one that I want to eventually cover later on.

Did you guys enjoy the story progression? I thought that tinting the whole screen in a bronze color to show the past was also a cool feature! Let me know in the comments below. and If you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving alike and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching stay safe and take care

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