5 Facts About Exos Heroes

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Exos Heroes - Visualism at Play

Want to know more about Exos Heroes? Watch this short 5 facts video to learn the background story of this Mobile Gacha Game Exos Heroes!

  • Makers & Servers
    • Lines Games and OOZOO
    • Servers in Korea, Japan, Asia, Global
  • OSTs
    • 24 Original Soundtracks
  • Voiceovers
    • 3 Voice Packs
  • Hero Collection
    • Over 200 heroes to collect (not counting fatecores)
      • 25 Fated
      • 54 Legendary
      • 70 Rare
      • 53 Magical
      • 18 Common

Exos Heroes Story

The game takes place in Exos - a world the Baikal dynasty was destroyed when the dragon emperor Accord went mad and the 7 heroes defeated him, dividing the land into 7 different kingdoms, each carrying a relic of the dragon emperor. Later the kingdoms were united through the king of Lenombe, who organized the Zebenstunier to decide upon the ruling Emperor to stop the wars for power. He crafted the Exestruck from the gifts of the 7 kingdoms as the representation of the Emperor's power - and it is said that the Exestruck is needed to awaken the power of the relics and attain the power of the Dragon Emperor.

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