Exos Heroes Summer Festa Iris in PvP

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Testing Gold Fatecore Iris on Exos Heroes

TLDR; Summer Festa Iris has made PvP a LOT more enjoyable for my playing style, and I'm super hyped to have her on my team.

Sneaking around the net and discord I saw division between players on what Iris means to Exos Heroes and the longevity of the game.

For me as a player that's maybe average or slightly above average, Iris has been a ray of sunshine to allow me to enjoy PvP. I still don't win every battle, but the sheer speed of PvP matches have motivated me to log on more and do more battles because it doesn't take a zazillon years to finish. As of today, I've finally made it master Challenger into Master rank - something I wouldn't have even imagined or cared to do if Exos continued on with the First Guardian Fatecore meta teams.

My hopes is that as Exos continues to grow and develop, that we will be given more choices in heroes with similar passives or abilities to increase diversity in team compositions (in Master rank I have noticed that most teams are vvverrrryyy smiliar). Until then, I'm going to enjoy our little beauty and keep battling.

How is your experience with or without Iris? Let me know in the comments below!
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