Better Than Scouting! Pulling Generals in Door of Creation Exos Heroes

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Door of Creation in Exos Heroes

The Door of Creation on Exos Heroes has a lot of little features that you may not be fully utilizing. Have you tried your luck at drawing a general with your extra fated heroes that you've left in the dark in your hero inventory? Let's see if the odds are in our favor today!

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar how are you? I'm with my pink squad today to do some snooping around the Door of Creation. One thing we'd find is the Hero Re-recruit system which is similar to the nation recruit system where you'd have a chance to pull a general

I use to think that this isn't really worth it, but with generals being so important especially now with the signature force I thought I'd give this a whirl since I've amassed a lot of fated heroes.

So it's pretty simple. You give up 2 fated heroes and 50,000 gold to get back a fated hero which could be a general. Every 5 pulls you also get an extra hero, which is better than the 10 pulls you need for the extra hero in the nation recruit system.

The extra hero mileage that you can get is a smaller pool of rarer fated heroes including generals.

I'm gonna go until we get 10 "extra" mileage heroes meaning we're going to be doing 50 pulls and see what we get with my average luck. I'm going to speed up the crafting process because this could take longer than you can imagine... Let's try this!!

OK! So a Garff popped up that's awesome! Ok, so this might actually just make this worth it. Let's keep going at it.

Alright...!! We're at the 10 extra mileages. Here they are looking beautiful in my inbox ahaha... alright let's receive all and see what we get...!!

Well ok. So let's check out our results. We used 100 fated heroes and 2.5 million gold and ended up getting back 60 fated heroes, out of which is 1 general. So a 2% pull chance with this small sample size.

That's not bad at all considering that the only other option to use the fated heroes for a chance at a general is the scouting system, and 100 fated heroes are only worth 10000 scout points which is only a third of the points needed for a general. Of course with scouting you can choose which general you're going for, but you're also limited to which fated hero you can use while as in the DOC you're not limited to which combo to use.

Have you guys gotten lucky in the DOC with these pulls lately? Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thank you all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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