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Black and White Fatecore Theme on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Black & White fatecore theme has dropped with Kylock in the lead! Let's discuss the updates happening today and what might be in store for the future of Exos Heroes!

Hi Playmates! It looks like the Black & White fatecores are finally here with Kylock! I've never used Kylock becasue his skills didn't really appeal and his outfit was very unique but a bit outlandish. But this new fatecore theme has what looks to be a look that's right up my alley with the pink and the whites - ahhh so nice!

I'm wondering what this new fatecore theme will have as its passive - since it's a switch from light/dark good/evil it may be a passive that may switch an attribute of the hero from one thing to another. Of course I'm probably reading a little too much into this since I don't think there's really a passive that completely fit in with a theme per se - but I do think it may be an interesting maneuver to say, have the ability to change a good passive into a bad passive and vice versa. It's not an uncommon skill in other games, and with the amount of buffs that are being stacked onto heroes now, it will switch things up if this was the case.

I also like the new bit that we are getting an exclusive weapon - although not like the official exclusive weapon - as part of the exploration rewards. Although it's essentially like the orange fatecores, I think that the overall effort to have little perks like this is a step in the good direction. I am not... quite sure how I feel about this particular design tho for Baraka? Lol but at the same time I do have him in an all white outfit so I think it'll go nicely with his look!

Griesel's Hero Story on Exos Heroes

Griesel's hero story! I'm hoping it'll be great one. It looks like it'll tell us about how Griesel became the tribe head. The pattern I think it very similar to Karin becoming the head after Jinai and indirectly telling players about the fruit of hard work. I hope that whatever you guys are doing that all your hard work will also pay off in little and big ways too!

What are some things that you guys are currently working on? I'm trying to get all my heroes to level 90 right now; it's been kind of irksome to have all these hero birthdays come and pass me by and I don't have the hero at level 90 yet XD I'm kind of surprised that they haven't said anything more about Rank 2 gear yet - I have a feeling that it's going to be the next one after this black/white fatecore in line with the next chapter release, or they may wait until the next season release instead as it'll be another game changer. I'm also still waiting for pets to be introduced in the game too because... that's probably going to happen I think!

Well that's it for me today guys, thanks again everyone for all your support and enjoying Exos Heroes together with me. Let me know how you guys are doing and what you're currently working on below I would love to hear from you. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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