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Chapter 17 Update on Exos Heroes

Chapter 17, weapon dyes, new raid system and more?!?! It's Exos Heroes Wednesday update news time!

Hi Playmates! Just when I thought Exos was starting to get a little dry they present to us a little pick me up! Let's breeze through some of the content updates that they have for us today.

New Chapter 17 Story on Exos Heroes

Chapter 17 is here, and has Valarr being captured by Bailyesh! Does this mean that the battle was not won by Carrie, or is this prior to the big war or - what is going on? I'm sure that Bailyesh has some quams with Valarr too seeing that Valarr was initially the one that plotted to give Emma to John Donk but seeing that the chapter is called Uncomfortable Truth there may be more to this that we will soon find out!

New Nation of Phedas on Exos Heroes

Phedas heroes are coming! I did mention in a previous news update that I had a feeling in my bones that Phedas will be on of the upcoming nations - but I guess that was pretty obvious so I'll just give myself a small pat on the back. I'm wondering if they will eventually do some nation shifting too to add heroes that we already have from Phedas like Yorm and Reedmarie to this nation. In any case they look amazing looking forward to them!

Quantum Raid with Air Squadron on Exos Heroes

Quantum Raid is back with the option to do it with Air Squadron members! So if you're part of an active squad I'm sure this will be a benefit. There seems to be a special fatecore related to this event so I highly recommend the event this time. I'm pretty sure the event format itself will be the same as before so check out my quantum raid tips video from the previous season if you're interested.

Improvements to Air Squadron Raids

Air squadron raid improvements - I think we need to kind of test this out to see. I'm not in a squad that does massive defeats of the dragon so I don't think we will even hit the 45 defeat cap that has been put into place now but I think setting caps like this is may have been necessary to start balancing the game out as we have veterans vs the new players coming in. At least smaller squads will also now get at least 250 xes and not just 100 xes for the first defeat so that's a sweet little cherry on top too.

Dyeing Weapons on Exos Heroes

WEAPON dyes! Another feature that we had talked about before that would be cool. I have a couple that I already have in mind that I think would be nice to dye to match the outfits so really excited! I think the dye type feature is pretty cool, although it would be a shame if it cost more tickets to do the different dye types instead of it being choose one of the other when dyeing. We'll have to see!

Story Journal Available on Exos Heroes

Story journal update is cool because now we can actually watch it in game instead of having to record it separately! I'm curious to see what they mean by gathering currency to review stories that haven't been cleared. I do see there some additional reward system involved with this but it's really not clear what it is or how it works so another one to test out. The ability to see the recruitment animation in the hero introduction is super cool too! It'll at the very least help content creators get those sweet clips to use in content.

Zebenstunier Updates - Repetitive Battle

Repetitive function for Zebenstunier I think is kind of nice. I don't think it's like quick battle though so you still would have to wait but it'll save you a few taps to enter the next battle if you're doing auto.

Equipment Auto Growth Function Added on Exos Heroes

Equipment Auto Growth function is a nice thought but I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking to save resources or use it to the maximum potential. I have a feeling it'll just use the resources available without considering the remaining exp amounts so use with caution.

Nation Circle Exchange on Exos Heroes

Nation Circle Exchange where you can I think will become more useful once we get more fatecores for the lower tier heroes. Exos has been focused more on adding new fated heroes that don't use the national circles so it's a bit of a shame, but at least the option is here now if needed.

Exos Heroes Coliseum Updates

FINALLY they are making some changes to the coliseum! As far as if this buff actually is a game changer, we'll have to test out once again, but it's better than nothing and does make it worth poking into for the currency for Heowon's old store.

UI Updates on Exos Heroes

UI updates... cool. Looks like DoC, hero management, fatecore menus are being updated and hero teams can now be set better YES! I hope that eventually maybe they'll let us set just air ship team where we'll just have heroes that we want to be in the air ship be there although they are not in our teams. Mailbox feature - I don't really relate to this because I just like receiving everything at once BUT I do understand why this will be important for many players so that is definitely a plus!

New Eternal Bond

Schmid vs Shufraken for the eternal bond- I think I'll probably have to go with Shufraken again just because Vagabond Schmid is super cool but again still I lacking heroes to back him up and make the synergy worth it.

Removing Silver Fatecores from Summon Banners

Removing silver fatecores is awesome for me - I do think being able to get the fatecore for free through the story was enough and not adding it to the recruit because I don't see many players fusing the fatecore to begin with anyway.

Closing Comments from the Director

Lastly - the director's intent to get community feedback is the step in the right direction. I hope that all Exos players can provide both positive and critical feedback keeping in mind that it's a collective game for everyone to play and that you can't be 100% satisfied with the outcome. I'm sure we'll get good and bad updates but I hope that with as warm as the director's thoughts are that we'll get to enjoy the game for some time.

Conclusion to Exos Heroes Ch. 17 Updates

What are some updates that you're looking forward to? I for one again am looking forward to addition of pets to the game haha. Let me know in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on Exos Heroes please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends.

Thanks all so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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