Cat Knight Chati Fatecore Summons on Exos Heroes 😺⭐

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Summoning Black Fatecore Chati on Exos Heroes

Cat Guardian Knight Chati comes to us in Exos Heroes as a Black Fatecore on the Blooming Someday fatecore line up! Find out my reason for pulling for her although I don't really use defensive type heroes in any of my line ups. Will she fall for us and join us as playmate? Come pull for Chati with me!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes FC Chati
Cat Guardian Knight (Chati)
Gender Female
Age 13
Origin Nation Estoris Republic
Race Dwarf
Fatecore Color Black
Fatecore Theme Blooming Someday

Chati in the parallel world of a new timeline. After many years of effort, she became an excellent knight, but she still couldn't find a way to get Chesi out. But just as Chati has grown from a girl, Chesi is no longer just a kitty. Chati and Chesi will continue their adventures as the most trusted partners until Chesi can turn back to normal.

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