Exos Heroes Unleash Potential Update & FC Shell In Action

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Gold Fatecore Shell on Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes FC Shell banner is now going to be refunded! See FC Shell in action in PvP, and listen in my priority heroes in Unleash Potential for maximum PvE and PvP gameplay. Who will use up these precious Ultimate Orbs first?

So let's talk about Shell first. It seems like players like her as an Iris alternative to nullifying barriers but for me, it's really her 3rd skill Curtain Call that shines which is the increase attack, mana increase, status immunity and best of all reset turn per round for an ally. This is really huge for my playing style. If you have been watching me for a while you know that I prefer to have fast bang bang team composition with high damage units and supports. That's why you'll often never see defensive types like Garff or Uloom in my teams (also the fact I don't have their pretty shiny fatecores is a major factor) but even my eye candy Summer Degas, Valarr, and Bernavas also has been just really just that. I've also posted my love for Zeon and Rachel and Jinn with their resets, so having a support unit that can do that has been beyond dream come true.

The reset turn goes per round - a round if you're unfamiliar is shown at the bottom of the pvp screen. So Shell is actually able to give another turn to a hero that's gone before her, or is going after her as long as it's within that round. I tested this with this composition here with Iris, Shell, Jinn, Jinai and Dorka - Dorka or Jinn with the higher attack speed goes first so when Shell resets their turn, they get another turn. Jinai on the other hand falls into the round after Shell - so when Shell uses her 3rd skill on Jinai, Jinai gets 2 turns back-to-back.

So here's a quick preview of that in the video. Jinai as you can see is next in line. Shell uses her Curtain Call which is a pretty cool animation by the way I just wished she didn't cover her face as much, and Jinai now gets a turn. After her turn, voila! She now gets another turn. Same thing happens even when a hero already took a turn. So for another example in the video, Jinn already took a turn. But now Shell manipulates him with her curtain call his cute little plump body and now he gets to go hack and slash unleash it all over again.

With that in mind, I know for a fact that she's going to make it as a regular on one of my tag teams.

That leads me to Unleash potential and where I'm going to be putting my orbs into. By the way - you CAN get these through Heowon's old store that green hair man is really bringing in the goods!

Again, what I'm about to say is really based on my playing style so please take this with a little grain of salt.

In general, you can think of unleash potential skill boosts like this; support types get a 30% barrier for ally; increase damage on their damage skills based on their max HP. Damage dealers get a 1000 pierce damage, and bind effect. Defensive types get a 15% barrier.

As I mentioned above, I don't really play with defensive heroes, so I'm going to prioritize support heroes and damage heroes. At this point, the damage reduction seems more appealing since I typically have 4 damage heroes and only 1 support that often doesn't have any heals, meaning that overall I need more passive support for survivability in case I'm up against teams that are beefy.

3 teams means I need 3 supports. Iris is a given; and being that I have her geared and everything I did go ahead and fully unleash her potential with the stamina line using all 20 orbs to get the 30% reduction for my main team.

Seeing that Shell is an excellent support for my playing style with her skill reset, she'll be my main support for my 2nd team - meaning that she'll eventually get her 30% barrier next.

Now comes the hard part - third team. My currently choices are Anastasia, Lepin, Talia, or Ledger. Talia and Ledger are kind of a hit-or-miss as they don't currently have fatecores - well Ledger has a orange one but that doesn't count - so they are kind of on the side lines. Anastasia and Lepin are both great choices as Anastasia has the first guardian barrier and great damage where as Lepin has the revive, healing - AND reset turn for allies although it is random. In general though - I think that I'd go Anastasia first then Lepin as Anastasia has a better chance of survival in general especially with the extra stat boosts along with way.

And with these boosts it's gonna be a lot of orbs to be used, and so what I'll end up doing afterwards is spreading out the orbs between all damage dealers, starting with the ATK and HP boosts.

So with this in mind, my new tag team that I want to try out is this. My main team I'm going to leave alone as it's a pretty decent team I think that I've been working on with Iris, Bathory, Rera, Dorka and Annie.

Second team I want to try out is Shell, Jinai, Jinn, Baraka, and Zeon. Theory is, I'll be able to stack reset turns with this set up with Shell for multiple back to back attacks.

Third team will be Shufraken - the only defensive type I'll use to stack with dps - Valentina, Anastasia, Bernadette, Lepin. I may switch out the Shufraken and Valentina combo with Schmid and Awakened Zeon for some Fire damage (as most armor I'd think will be red) once I get Schmid as he's my soul bond.

Soooo what do you think! If you haven't gotten Shell, consider getting her. Even without the refund I think she's worth pulling for. Have you changed up any of your teams for this new hero? Let me know down below. And if you like random gaming content, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to the channel I post every Wednesday and Weekends. Thanks again for watching playmates, stay safe and take care!

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