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Exos Heroes Black Fatecore Leger

In one of the last days of 2020, chit chat with me and see me pull for cute FC Leger and DYE her while catching up about me and PlayWhatever as we look forward to an awesome new year ahead! Yay for run-on sentences! xD

First thing I wanted to quickly mention cause I had a couple playmates ask is my gaming name! So I know our channel name is PlayWhatever and I think I forgot to mention my username that I use so you all didn't know what to call me hahaha. So, the name I go by is Aerastar. Aera as in air and star as in the twinkle twinkle little star star. Aera being like wind, also meaning love and laughter, or in its original Latin meaning of era or time, and star because stars have always been a favorite shape of mine since little along with the bunny. Which is the main reason I'm pulling for Leger by the way haha. So in turn it's a name that I wanted to mean a bright, sparkling love and laughter carried by the wind kind of name? Hey it made sense at the time.

PlayWhatever Channel
PlayWhatever channel idea came from Play + Whatever. Play from the obvious fact that this is a gaming channel but also cause I like to play other things like music, movies, instruments, and Whatever is actually my tag line from back in Jr. High-ish time frame where my friends kind of dubbed me that because I'd pretty much answer Whatever to anything and everything because I'm pretty flexible and went along with whatever that we were talking about... ah those were the good ole days ahaha I think my opinions on certain things solidified as time went on but I still like to think I'm a pretty easy person overall to get along with :)

We actually have me here being the gaming addict I am and Minsanity which if you watched our How to say exos heroes names in Korean and our secret 3rd member whom shall not be named until he is ready and of course all of you playmates making up our PlayWhatever squad! I can't believe it's already been past half a year since we're started this journey and I'm so glad and thankful to have you all with us.

PlayWhatever Land
Minsanity and I started PlayWhatever Land channel! It's going to be a fun place where we're going to do some vlogging and really just play around. She actually posted a cool oreo-pop video there already you should go check it out if you're into crafting up a yummy treat for yourselves! If you'd like to join in on the fun please consider subscribing there to see some pretty much whatever content like we are!

Leger Summons & Pulls
After much debate on which color to dye her getting 3 copies of her (Yay? xD) I decided to skip my original intention of getting her PINK hair and got her to GOLDEN hair instead! That first random color in the golden just reminded me too much of Sailor Moon that I just could not get myself to get it to pink (although in that case she would have been like Black Lady)!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Leger and Sailor Moon
Have you gotten Leger? What color are you planning on making her? Let me know below!

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